“Women of Faith” – I am a better person after reading this book!

Women of faith vol 4

I have been given the privilege of previewing a new book published by Deseret Book. It is called “Women of Faith in the Latter Days – Volume 4.” I have to honestly say, I am a better person after having read it.

If I could summarize WHY it changed me for the better, I could do it in one word – perspective. The stories of the women in this book have taught me about what faith during trials looks like – and how it worked out for them!

To be specific, these women have given me perspective in the following, rather personal, ways:

-I thought I had a rather taxing daily schedule and was feeling rather sorry for myself – until I read about a young woman who worked cleaning and doing hard, manual labor from before dawn until late in the evening – every day – with hardly any food – for 9 months!

I felt much better about my daily schedule after that.


-I thought my health challenges and those of my children were sometimes overwhelming, until I read about a mother who lost 4 little daughters due to illness – all within just days of each other. She would hardly get home from the funeral of one to find another ill who would shortly die as well. – 4 little girls gone within a week!

I felt much better about our mild health problems after that.


-I felt inadequate to fulfill my responsibilities both at home and at church until I read about Camilla Kimball (wife of President Spencer W Kimball) and how she felt being married to the prophet! She was so honest about her feelings of inadequacy that it made me fall in love with her. Her vulnerability was so endearing!

I felt validated and so “normal” after reading her words.


After having read this book I now see my not-as-busy-as-I-thought schedule as a tremendous blessing, I see health challenges through the glasses of gratitude for modern medicine. I see my vulnerability to stress and inadequacy as simply being mortal. I love the women in this book and what they have shared and taught me!

Their faith through trials has given me guidance, goals, and much needed – perspective.

I love this book and recommend it to anyone who strives to be, like them, a “Woman of Faith.”


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