Well? The day didn’t go QUITE like I thought it would!

This morning I quickly blogged, “No time to write! I am off to go see if I can do some kind of good in the world!” Then, I went out with eyes and ears open – to try to find some way to share the gospel of Christ!


The first thing I did was to post my testimony on Facebook. I shared the new video found on easter.mormon.org, (the most beautiful and important video I have ever seen) in hopes that people not of my faith would view it and feel the Spirit.

Now that I’m back for the day, I looked at the post and it seems that not very many people viewed it. Rats. I will have to try again in a few days. It is SUCH an inspiring video and campaign – I feel it is vital that I do my best to share it!

Next, I decided to go to a luncheon we were invited to, with a smile and warm heart. This was not as easy as it sounds. I did not really want to go, to be honest. I told my husband I didn’t really feel like talking to people. There ! You have found one of my many weaknesses. I am kind of shy and conversation is not one of my strengths. I have to work at it – a lot. And this morning, I just really didn’t feel like it.

BUT! I knew what my goal was for the day – to hasten the Lord’s work SOMEHOW. So, I knew that if I went with eyes and ears open, (and a quick prayer beforehand) I might be blessed with an opportunity to do just that.

So I donned a smile and was even able to muster up a good attitude! I had a great time – as is usually the case. Only I did not have much success in sharing the gospel. In fact – none really.

I have to admit, I have gotten much better at slipping a reference to my religion into pretty much ANY conversation. I don’t mean I share my testimony at every turn, but I am usually able to mention my son on a mission, or church, or BYU or SOMETHING. Today? Nada. Well – I did say to someone that my son is going to BYU early in a pre-missionary program, but it didn’t result in much, so I’m not really counting it.

So with the day more than half over – I still had not accomplished my goal. But there was still plenty of hours in the day left, and I still had to go grocery shopping to do.

“What on earth can I do while shopping?” I thought, as I drove to the store. The only thing I could think of was to play church music from my phone, like I sometimes to with Christmas music in December. (Ok – October through December. Ok – September through January.) But I quickly told myself I had better not do that! Faint Christmas music playing from the pocket of my coat was usually well tolerated, and I often got smiles from passersby. (Read here.) But church music? I dismissed the idea as a dumb one – and went on wondering what on earth I could do while I was here.

I began pushing my cart through the aisles, and aside from offering a smile here and there, I was at a loss. I figured this day was going to pass without a single missionary opportunity. So – I decided to do it!

I turned on the “I am a Child of God” Pandora music station on my phone, slipped in into my pocket and could not contain the mischievous grin that always comes out when my pocket sings and confuses people!

The sound was very faint, but I could hear it. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir was now serenading everyone in the apple section of the produce department! Well – not everyone, but all those who passed by me got a funny look on their face as they must have thought,”Was that?” “Wait? What?” “Why do I feel inexplicably good right now???” Haha! I loved it! The music was so soft I couldn’t even make out the song half the time, but it’s mild, beautiful, musical tones swept over everyone in my immediate bubble. It was great!

But – it wasn’t really what I was hoping to accomplish that day.

I continued on – looking, waiting, wondering.

I sat in the car, afterwards, and had an idea. (I love when that happens!) I decided to request a “friendship” on Facebook from two of the nice ladies I had met at the party earlier that morning. I often post things on my wall about our wonderful religion, hoping that nonmembers will find and read them. So, I looked for these two sweet women to add them to my “friends” list.

I couldn’t find them. Either of them.


This day wasn’t exactly turning out like I had expected when I excitedly ran out the door this morning!

So here it is, evening. The sun is going down. I just cooked a dinner for our family and sat down to blog – with nothing really to write about. I told you this morning, however, that I would return and give an accounting of my efforts. So – here they are.

  • A Facebook testimony that not many people read.
  • A luncheon with no churchy conversation, but enjoyable conversation nonetheless.
  • A musical shopping trip with no fruits from my Mormon Tabernacle tree.
  • An attempt to “friend” two women – with no success.


If I try to look at the glass half full. Here’s what I might find….

  • A Facebook testimony that a FEW people read.
  • Meeting new people and developing friendships.
  • Courage to try a “dumb” idea!
  • The resolve to get to know 2 women better – and become their REAL friends.

So, maybe the day wasn’t a bust after all.

Now – my daughter is asking me to watch Mulan with her. THAT may be my sweetest opportunity of the day! I don’t particularly like the movie, but I happen to LOVE the company! Family, friends, music, testimonies, LOVE – as the sun goes down on the day.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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One thought on “Well? The day didn’t go QUITE like I thought it would!

  1. Shellie H

    Thank you for posting this April! All too often I end up feeling the way you describe in this post. I have all these great ideas, and chances, for sharing the gospel, and things just don’t pan out like I had hoped or imagined. But I have to look at the good I am able to accomplish, and trust that each small act on my part is really a WONDERFUL thing, because it means I am consistently taking steps (although small!) to be a missionary. I was able to help an elderly sister from my ward at the grocery store today, and then when the cashier asked if I knew the woman I was able to explain to her that Yes! We are both members of the same church. The cashier said she knew some Mormons from a previous job, and we parted with a smile. Not a lot, but something! And each time I am able to speak of the gospel to others, it becomes a bit easier and I am less nervous. 🙂 Again, THANK YOU for your uplifting posts, especially this one! ~Shellie Hoyt

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