meandEBrother McMurtrey (my dear husband) told me last week that he would like to begin something new….couple’s scripture study. “Ok!” I said. I had no idea how this would work, but was eager to see if we could figure it out! I tried to remember how we studied together before the children came, but it seemed like we mainly just read – and he (we) really wanted to STUDY. We each had our own individual ways of personal scripture study, but neither of us knew exactly how to study as a couple. We would soon find out however! We would begin that night and give it our best effort.

Well, maybe not our BEST effort.

In fact, instead of an “A” for effort, I would give us a C- if I was feeling generous! That first night didn’t go so well!

Here’s how it went: (We just finished our family scripture time. The kids had left and we were alone.)


  • April – “It’s time for our scripture study.”
  • Eric – “What do we do?”
  • April – “I don’t know. Look up a scripture?”
  • Eric – “Read these verses.”
  • April – “Ok. I did it. Now what?”
  • Eric – “I don’t know.”

And that was it. Great start huh!?

It didn’t get much better the next night: (Again, the kids had left, and we were alone with our books.) (You will begin to notice our playful banter.)


  • April – “What do we do?”
  • Eric – “I don’t know.”
  • April – “Me neither.”
  • Eric – “Look up something in the topical guide.”
  • April – “Like what?”
  • Eric – “I don’t know. Pick something.”
  • April – “Ok. Do we read it out loud?”
  • Eric – “Yep. It’s your turn.”
  • April – “Ahhh! Fine!”
  • April – (I read something) “I don’t know what I just read.”
  • Eric – “Me neither.”

Aanndd…that was that. Books were closed and our heads hit waiting pillows. It was another brilliant end to our “Couple’s Scripture Study”!

It’s going well, isn’t it?

But wait! It gets worse before it gets better! (You will  now be fully introduced to our playful banter. Just a heads up….it may sound harsh, but what you can’t see (because you’re reading this, not watching it) is the smiles that are plastered across our faces and the laughter that make the kids call in to us to keep things down.)

Day 3

  • April – “You can’t go to sleep! It’s your turn to find a scripture!”
  • Eric – “zzzzzzzz” (pretend snores)
  • April – “Hey! No sleeping!” (hits him with pillow.) “I’m not going to turn off the light. I’m just going to sit here and stare at you until you say a scripture!”
  • Eric – “Why do you bug me soooo much???? I don’t know one.”
  • April – “Find one!”
  • Eric – “I can’t.”
  • April – “Ok. I’m not moving.”
  • Eric – “zzzzzzzz” (more pretend snores) “OWWW! You’re going to pull my HAIR???”
  • April – “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll read.”
  • Eric – grabs his scriptures – after he hits me squarely in the head with a pillow.

I bet you can imagine how spiritually uplifting our study time was that night huh? It seems the only thing we had accomplished in  the past 3 days were – well, we did it.

Well, kind of.

Well, not really.

But we tried!

The next day our study began much earlier in the day. We were thinking about (and praying about) how we could improve our ridiculous attempts at achieving this goal! Early the next evening, as we were driving to an appointment, Eric began:

Day 4

  •  Eric – “Look up this scripture.”
  • April – (I looked it up and read it.) “Huh!”
  • Eric – “Did you know that?”
  • April. “No! That’s so interesting!”

We then both talked a little bit about what we had just learned. It went well! No one got slammed in the face with a pillow! No one’s hair was pulled! Maybe there was hope for us after all!

The next day I began early in the morning for something to share. I found something I really wanted to learn about. I was looking forward to our time together! I was prepared! I was ready!

I walked into the room that night with my book and a perfect discussion starter! I opened the door:

Day 5

  •  Eric was asleep.


I guessed I could try again tomorrow. Two steps forward and one step back – is still one step forward, right?

The next night things went much better:

Day 6

  •  April – “Ok! Open up to Revelations. Let’s figure this out!”

We were only able to get about 4 verses into the first chapter before we had to stop and refer to the Institute manual for the many questions we already had. But that was what scripture study was supposed to be, right? We were doing it! We were studying!

The next couple of nights we continued studying the book of Revelations. We only would read a few verses at a time, then refer A LOT to study manuals to understand what John intended.  But we were learning! And we were learning together!


The reason Eric brought up this whole idea of couple’s scripture study, he said, was to better prepare us for our future missions. I’m so glad he did! We certainly got off to a rough start, but we are starting to get the hang of it!

Studying the scriptures is wonderful! Studying the scriptures with the love of your life is even better!

Two blessings – coupled together – in couple’s scripture study! 

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  1. Scott Bartlett

    I think one of the best commentaries on the Book of Mormon is Joseph Fielding Smith and Robert Millet’s Doctrinal Commentary on the Book of Mormon. It is a four volume set and as you read ( and study) it alone or together, it really stirs up some great thoughts

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