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When President Russell M. Nelson, of the quorum of the twelve apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints described his topical guide study of Jesus Christ  in the LDS General Conference, April 2017, I was intrigued.  When he told his wife that he was a changed man because of it, I was committed.

I want to be changed, too. I want to experience what he experienced. I want to come to know Jesus Christ and love Him more deeply. So, I decided to accept his invitation and begin my own topical guide study of Christ.

I found a page, which Pres. Nelson had previously shared, which showed some of his markings as he studied the topics about Jesus Christ. I found it fascinating to look at the study page of an apostle of God.


It looked like something I could easily duplicate. So, I did. I simply copied, pasted and printed all the references in the topical guide about Jesus Christ. I believe it may be similar to the pages President Nelson used.

I would like to share this guide with anyone who would like to be spared the work in organizing it. You can find and access it here:

I’m excited to begin! After looking through the different topics, I decided to jump around and study them out-of-order, marking my progress as I go, as President Nelson did. I’m going to start at the end and see what the Bible Dictionary teaches, and then go on to study the Types of Christ!

Thank you President Nelson!  Because of your invitation, I am going to begin today toward my gradual change in knowing, loving, and hopefully becoming more like my Master, Jesus Christ.



21 thoughts on “Topical Guide Study of Jesus Christ | A Shareable Document

  1. Alyssa Ordyna

    Thank you!! I spent a few months last year memorizing the Living Christ and it was an incredible experience. This is going to be the sequel 🙂

  2. shalissalindsay

    I’m so impressed at how quickly you jumped on organizing this! Thank you! It was an inspiration and led me to something else which you might find helpful (unless you’ve already finished the challenge, valiant soul!) As I was searching online for you again I discovered a similar thing by an LDS tech guy who wrote some code to put the verses in order and eliminate duplication. Here’s a link if it’s helpful. Many thanks again!

  3. Anonymous

    perfect!! i was about to make my own and hand it out when i teach RS and challenge them to do it, but i googled it just to see if anyone already did it! wahoo! this saves me so much time is is perfect. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

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