Part 5: The Best was Saved for Last!

I set out last weekend to see how many people I could share the gospel with as I traveled through 3 airports. I am not sure of a final number, but I was thrilled to discover opportunities at every turn!

I think the best was saved for last.

On the last leg of my last flight home, I found myself sitting in an aisle seat, waiting to see who would sit next to me. A seemingly nice woman took the place beside me and I tried to smile at her as she sat down. I wasn’t able to meet her gaze, however. It seemed she was preoccupied with something.

I have learned that it is best to break the ice right away, before it gets too awkward. So, I mentioned something silly about the seat belt and tried again for a smile…..nothing.

She was very busy on her phone and looked like she had a lot of business to take care of. I decided to leave her alone. I dove into my book. I figured I wasn’t going to have much luck engaging in conversation with her, so I didn’t really try any more. (Sometimes people don’t really feel like talking on flights.)


About 1/2 way through our flight, SHE started a conversation with me! She glanced over at my tablet and asked how I liked using my Kindle app. I said I loved it and we fell easily into a conversation about our favorite books.

She was actually a very nice woman and we quickly found ourselves becoming friends! We learned that we had a LOT in common….especially spiritually. She told me a little about her faith and I told her a little about  mine. She told me she found the LDS religion very interesting. She also said she lives right next door to some members and across the street from one of our church buildings. She admires her neighbors and also the teenagers whom she sees going to church at the crack of dawn each morning.

After about a 20 minute discussion about faith, religion and Jesus Christ, I told her how much I admired her, and that I thought she would be a GREAT Mormon! She just smiled. I invited her to attend the church near her home – that I was sure she was needed there. I offered her my testimony and she accepted it graciously.

We exchanged phone numbers and departed the flight.

AS I thought back at my adventures over the weekend, I realized this sweet woman was just one of my many new friends. I remembered the father and son I spent a long delay with, the sweet couple in Row 24, and this sweet, intelligent, inquisitive business woman I had just found myself seated next to.  I am so grateful for the many opportunities that were divinely placed in my path!

I don’t know of a better feeling than that of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with others.

(As a side note….While waiting at my last gate, I played the Restoration video on my iPad and had it out for all to see! They couldn’t hear it because I had my earphones in, but I was hoping they would ask me what it was. No one did. Oh well! It was worth a shot!)

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