Part 4: Seat 24F!

I never worry about where I’m going to sit on a flight….I let the Lord take care of that.

I told the Lord many years and many flights ago that I would always try to open my mouth with the person next to me on any flight – and do my best to mention the gospel. What better place is there for such opportunities? Where else do complete strangers sit next to each other for hours at a time, with little to do….but talk?

This time I was seated in seat 24F.

I was the first to arrive in the row. I got comfortable in my window seat, buckled myself in and placed my book in my lap. The book would soon be forgotten.

A kind looking woman sat down next to me. “Well that’s a treat!” I thought. (Not everyone is kind looking.) Then next to her sat her equally as kind looking husband. They both smiled at me. I smiled back.  I was pleased to think I might have almost 2 hours to talk with this nice couple.

I have learned that the first thing I need to do, when wanting to start a conversation with someone is….I need to talk! (Imagine that!) Initiating and maintaining conversation has never been a strong point of mine, but it is getting easier as I practice.

I noticed this aircraft was different from all those I had previously been on. It was newer and had a lot more bells and whistles. I used that as a conversation starter. “It seems we can plug our Kindles in right under our seats now!” I offered with a smile. They enjoyed searching for their hidden power outlets and we began talking easily after that.

Of course the first things discussed were where we were from and where we were going. I just happened to be coming from my sister’s temple sealing. So, I told them. It seemed appropriate and natural to be honest with them. I told them that in our religion, marriages were sealed for time and eternity, a very special occasion for us, and that I was so happy to have been able to be there for that wonderful event.

They asked what religion I belonged to.

I told them.

I then asked “just one more question“, “Were you able to see our beautiful temple when you visited the city?” Our conversation continued on the beauty of these heavenly houses.

In addition to temples and eternal families, we also talked about missionaries – what they do and why they do it. I asked ‘just one more question’ and wondered if they had ever seen a Mormon missionary before. They said they were not sure, so I told them how they could be sure to spot them!

This couple was so kind, inquisitive and sincere, it was truly a pleasure talking with them! We parted an hour and a half later – as friends.

They live in Ohio. They will be looking out for young men in white shirts and black nametags with Jesus Christ in the center.

Maybe they will let them in.

I hope so.

I wish nothing but the very best for my new friends

whom I met

in seat 24F.

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