Part 1: Phone a Friend!


It’s 7:00am and I have just selected a seat in the bustling Arcata Airport.

It’s very foggy outside and my flight has been delayed. It looks as if I might be in airports much of the day. I do believe it is time for the Great Airport Challenge!

I began the GAC this morning with prayer – and of course my BYU t-shirt! (It’s getting worn out! I should get another 2 or 3. They come in handy!)

I have challenged myself to see not IF, but HOW MANY times I can shed some light on the gospel of Jesus Christ, to those who might find themselves around me.

The shirt is a start. I’d better unbutton my sweater so it can be seen!

Ok. Ready!

So far, only 1 person has joined me in this area of the airport. (I was being sarcastic when I said it was a bustling airport!) He is kind of far away. Hmmm….what could I do? Talk on my phone to a pretend person, and mention all sorts of church things?

Hey! That’s not a bad idea!

I will keep you posted!


WELL THAT WAS FUN!!!! HERE’S WHAT JUST HAPPENED! (My heart is still pounding!)

I sent my mother a text message asking her if she would like to try a little experiment with me to share the gospel. She said she was all in. I asked her if she would call me and pretend to be a non-member friend who has questions about the gospel, and I would answer them.

A lot more people had just come and sat down around me – right before the call! (Coincidence? I don’t think so.)

The phone rang. Here we go!

She dove right in with her first question…..”WHY ARE YOU A MORMON?”

Ok…I told myself to have courage!  Others were close enough to definitely hear my conversation. I hoped I didn’t mess this up!

I restated her question before I answered…”Why am I a Mormon? Because it is makes me so happy! Because it is centered on Jesus Christ! Because it focuses on the protecting and nurturing the family! Because it is true!” I elaborated a little more than that, but that was what I said in a nutshell.

She then hit me with the next question. This was a little harder than I thought it was going to be! I was nervous! I found it was a somewhat difficult to talk and testify in such an unlikely setting. But we continued!

She asked more questions, some of which included:






and others….

I could tell I was definitely being listened to! How could people NOT listen when I was talking about Jesus Christ and God the Father appearing to a young boy in the woods in New York!

I concluded the conversation by offering her a Book of Mormon, which I would personally deliver.

My mom was a great sport! She had perfect questions! She was patient when I stammered and searched for answers to questions I knew that I knew! She just told me what to say! (That was funny!)

My friends, THE GREAT AIRPORT CHALLENGE is off to a great start! It is still very early. I have a lot more airport time ahead of me, plus the trip home.

Stay tuned!

The Great Airport Challenge!

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