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It is time!

The semi-annual General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints will be broadcast live this weekend!

Every April and October our family plans for 3 things….

  1. Getting fed physically!
  2. Getting fed spiritually!
  3. Sharing each!

1.  Getting fed physically….We eat MORE during the 2 days of General Conference than we do at all other “holidays” combined! We plan a huge spread for BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER (plus snacks and desserts) on BOTH DAYS!

We started doing this when our children were just toddlers….to get them EXCITED about General Conference! (Who doesn’t get excited about a table full of treats and yummy food!) We used to spread a “conference blanket” out on the floor by the TV and let them enjoy their conference treats, coloring books and puzzles, to their little hearts content, while conference was on.

Now that the kids are older, the coloring books and puzzles have faded away, but THE FOOD REMAINS!

This is one family tradition we have been excited about keeping! The children have grown up loving conference partly because of the “sweet”  memories associated with  it!

I save up for weeks ahead of time, to plan for this 2-day spread properly. I cook extra on Saturday evening so Sunday can be relaxed. I plan on letting my diet go out the window for those 2 days, and I plan on loving every minute of it!

2. Getting fed spiritually….We pray for our general authorities the few weeks before conference, as they prepare to teach us. We pray for ourselves the days leading up to conference that we will come prepared to learn, repent and change so we can better, happier, more charitable people.

We listen to the beautiful choir music beforehand. We have the house clean and ready for us to relax. We have writing materials close at hand. We have everything ready, especially our hearts, so we can feast upon the words of our prophet and inspired leaders.

3. Sharing the “FEAST”.…We let our local missionaries know they are invited to our home during the full extent of conference (including the dinner afterwards) with the intent that they will also bring investigators or other visitors with them!

This has been the best part of our conference tradition! Having the missionaries over automatically brings the Spirit into our home!

It’s so wonderful to watch them listen, absorb, write and LOVE all that is being said! It is infectious! They are such wonderful examples of reverence and respect. They bless our lives and home just by being there.

Who they bring is an added bonus! Last year we were blessed to have 2 investigators in our home with the missionaries, who each joined the church shortly thereafter, and who each have become our dear friends.

This weekend will undoubtedly be as wonderful as all other Aprils and Octobers! PLENTY of food on the table, an ABUNDANCE of the Spirit in our living room, and the BLESSING of sharing it with others.

Enjoy Conference!

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  1. Shellie Hoyt

    I LOVE this post April! Funny, I was wondering if I should feel guilty about getting together with extended family for a meal on General Conference Sunday, and your post made me realize that DUH! It’s ALL about Family! What better memories to create and hold dear than spiritual feasts, combined with physical ones and SHARED with others! Your blog is so awesome, it’s really inspiring me and my family. 🙂 Thank you!

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