THAT is how you live a life!

When President Monson died, one thought kept coming to my mind, “THAT’S what a life well lived looks like!” I thought of him as a young boy, giving his own pet rabbit to a hungry family. I thought of him as a young bishop finding the time to regularly visit the 85 widows in his ward. I thought of our shoeless prophet shuffling through an airport in his slippers because he had given the shoes off his feet to someone less fortunate. I thought of his entire life, being devoted to serving God and others and how he must NOW be just beginning to receive his reward for it! It is such a pleasure to envision this humble servant finally experiencing the reward of his life of service!

All of those days, filled with hours of effort, have come to an end. All of those nights, filled with selfless service, are now behind him. All of those minutes contemplating what would be best to do, and then doing it; all of those hours he didn’t spend on himself, but in serving others; his lifetime of EFFORT – is now an eternity of REWARD.

That is what time, coupled with agency well spent, looks like.

The book of President Monson’s mortality is now complete. The ending has been written, the last page has been turned and the cover has been closed. All that remains now is the blessed, and well deserved – sequel.

A lifetime of serving Christ will undoubtedly receive an eternity in His presence.

THAT –  is how you live a life.



4 thoughts on “THAT is how you live a life!

    1. April McMurtrey Post author

      Fred, thank you for taking the time to correct me on this! I have done a little research, to find where I initially read this, and have so far only come up with him “regularly” visiting the 85 widows when he was a young bishop. I will go reread his biography and fact check myself! In the meantime, I will change this until I know for sure. Thank you!

  1. Mary

    Well said. I too have been having thoughts of him and his life. I’ve been thinking of how I could better improve my life so that I will have a great reward waiting for me.

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