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My name is April McMurtrey. I live in beautiful, sunny California and have been blessed with a WONDERFUL husband and three GREAT children!  (Two which are currently serving full-time missions….LUCKY!) My husband and I very much enjoy and cherish our roles as parents, and we are currently working toward the day when we can serve full-time missions ourselves.

I have been blessed to work as a teacher, reading specialist, dyslexia specialist and behavior therapist, but my most fulfilling jobs, by far, have been that of wife, mother and testator of Jesus Christ.  I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I love this gospel because it is the only source of true happiness, the source being our Savior.  The gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored in its entirety and is now ours to enjoy!

But it is not mine to hoard or hide.,,.

It is mine to share!



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13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Emilee

    What a fun blog! I pinned your 25 ways to 25 days, it looked like the exact thing I’ve been searching for to supplement my advent calender! But when I clicked on none of the links worked😕 Is there any way I can access them?

  2. Dan Weyland

    April – amazing list of member missionary ideas in your Baskin Robbins post! I’m teaching this Sunday, and wanted to provide a handout including your list to the members….hoping that’s OK? I’ll include your name and website on the page.

    Really great list though…sometimes I think we psych ourselves out that missionary work is too hard, but you shared some small and simple things that can make a huge difference. Thanks so much!

    1. April McMurtrey Post author

      Thank you for adding your thoughts to those I’ve shared! And thank you for your efforts in hastening this wonderful work!

  3. Greg Tanner

    Hi April, I love your energy and passion for the gospel!! I don’t know if you like to get involved in other ways, but we would love your enthusiasm in BASEcamp, a new LDS youth program for youth ages 13-18. This experience was created to help the youth gain more confidence and courage to respond to President Monson’s “call to action” by participating in the Work of Salvation right now (“Now is the time…” – President Monson). After checking out our website, hopefully you will want more information:) My email is greg@basecampyouthprograms.org.

  4. Carly Ritter

    I produce a weekly newsletter for my Ward in Reedsport, Oregon. I loved your comments in Deseret News this morning and would like to reproduce them with credit to you and include your photo, above. I don’t have room for the entire message, but want to quote you word-for-word beginning with the paragraph that begins the actual list of things you will do. I didn’t know about you until today, and I think it’s a good start! Thank you for being such an inspiration. I’m in a small ward in a small town, that’s trying to grow and we need lots of inspiration right now. So thank you.
    Lois Carlyine Ritter

  5. Scott C


    Loved your thoughts about sustaining the prophet. I’m speaking in Sacrament meeting this Sunday and would love to quote a couple paragraphs. Would that be ok?



  6. April McMurtrey Post author

    Dennis, thank you for your invitation! I just sent you an email. I would be thrilled to join your effort! Thank you for all you are doing to hasten the work of salvation!

  7. Dennis N. Duce

    April. I love what you are doing. I would like to invite you to be a guest on our Google+ Hangout On Air “White Dress Shirts on Bikes” which is all about different kinds of Mormon Missionary Service. Let me know if you are interested. FYI I found you from Ben Arkell after he was a guest on our HOA. dennisduce@gmail.com

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