President Monson – I Sustain You.


I like to keep a pen and paper close by when I’m watching General Conference, to jot down notes that come to mind. Sometimes when a message means a lot to me, I draw a smiley face, or heart next to it.

I have never drawn a face with a frown and tears descending….until today when President Uchtdorf stood and invited us to sustain the General Authorities of the Church.

When I heard the dissenting votes being yelled out during General Conference, my heart sank and my eyes began to well up. I had heard that this could happen and was actually expecting it, but I was unprepared for the feelings that arose when it did.

I wanted to raise my hand even higher! I wanted to stand when I raised it! I wanted to shout “YES!” I wanted the world to know I sustained the prophet. And especially, I wanted the prophet to know I sustained the prophet.

Right after the dissent occurred, a friend texted me and asked what, if anything, we could do to rally around our beloved prophet, to “circle the wagons” as she put it, to let the prophet know we love and sustain him. We wondered if we should send him a million paper hands in the mail! We contemplated starting a Facebook event to invite others to join us in a worldwide effort to show our love and support for the prophet of God!

Then, I thought….What would the prophet want?

I think he would not want a million paper hands, or a contest of opinions, as much as he would want a million single, living, breathing, committed hearts to His King and ours – Jesus Christ.

So, to sustain my prophet, whom I love dearly, I will do something to show my support. I will defend him. I will share his words. I will do what I have been counseled to do during this conference and all the others.  Then, slowly, I will begin to become something better. I will not just say I will do something, or intend to be better, or raise my hand without thought. I will commit to KEEP TRYING, until I become more like my Savior. I think that’s what he would want, and what the Lord would want.


I will listen for the music of the Spirit, which will bring more meaning to my daily dance.

I will hush my own fears.

I will fast for the poor.

I will be a better wife and mother by praising, expressing my love, and apologizing more.

I will focus on my Savior during the sacrament and not whisper or allow myself to become distracted.

I will savor, love and focus on the things of God more than the things of man.

I will actively decide to believe Christ, not just wish it to be.

I will focus on things that are essential. My family.

I will not parent by compulsion.

I will be humble, like Shiblon.

I will remember that compared to God, I’m not really that different from whom I’m judging harshly.

I will remember that my husband and I are equal partners.

….And if (when) I fail at any of the above…..


So, President Monson, because I love and sustain you, I will support you by doing. I will sustain you by trying. I will honor you by slowly but steadily becoming.

I love you President Monson.

And to show my love…

I will follow Jesus Christ.


And to show my love for my Master, Jesus Christ,

I will follow and sustain His prophet,

Thomas S. Monson.

65 thoughts on “President Monson – I Sustain You.

  1. Anonymous

    It isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last. People are moving with the direction of the lateat social tends and the church will always remain steadfast.

  2. Bruce Troxell

    Well said, daughter! It was disappointing to hear some (very few) fail to sustain the prophet, however, it is the stark reality of living in this world at this time. The Church is true, yet some people within it are not truly converted. This is Christ’s Church. The only true one on the face of the Earth. He is the head. It is perfect as he is perfect. Yet, man is not perfect. Far from it. But we strive for perfection. It is our goal. It is our desire. It is a commandment. The negative voting in conference reminded me that Satan has great hold on the Earth today. Even, on some in the Church. We have been counseled to be ever vigilant. That is what we must do. We also must love the sinner as well as the virtuous. Again, well spoken words. Your re-commitment to the Savior is admirable, wonderful and appreciated. We love you and are proud you are one of our family…always and forever!

  3. Josh Johnsen

    How wonderful that people will dare to exercise their right and privilege according to revealed doctrine in the D & C. They did exactly what should be done according to the order of Gods kingdom. They don’t need our criticism, but rather our support.

  4. Wendy Manwaring

    I love the approach taken in this article. It is a beautiful invitation to look into one’s heart and feel the possibilities. I felt uplifted and that is a fruit of the Spirit. Thank you.

  5. J Gates

    I am grateful that the Lord saw fit at the start to inspire and direct a yes and a no vote. I know that there must be a reason He did. Maybe those who were brave enough to say it out loud provided the catalyst for millions like you to be braver, stand up taller, search deeper and sustain the Prophet with more than just the raise of a hand. This is a marvelous outcome from a brief few seconds of those no votes. Do not be angry at them for if the awoke the sleeping Saints, the Lord and our Prophet are at peace.

  6. Marilee Herman

    In addition to absolutely loving the way you have put into words my exact feelings, I can’t help but note the irony of the the way your blog title relates to this particular post. Not that you would ever shout this in conference, but thank you for “shouting” such a humble, timely message of sustaining. We have been talking a lot about what it means to sustain. I will use your words in this discussion for sure.

  7. Delia D Leafty

    I love the Prophet of the Lord, President Thomas S. Monson. I sustain him. I will each day to be a better person and better disciple of God. I know God reveals to our living Prophet the things that we need to know on our days. We love you, President Monson.

  8. Vaea F. Hess

    Thank you for your beautiful message as it inspired me to do the same to continue in sustaining our Prophet and leaders of our church. I love how you captured a piece of each speakers’ talk and applied it to you – Love it.

  9. April

    My heart as well broke when the yelling of opposing vote against our beloved prophet and apostles. I was so angry and offended by people’s disrespect. I am not against people objecting to things, but there is a proper way of doing it. Yelling it out at a sacred and reverent event, was not the proper way of handling it. Those people that were so determined to have their opinions heard have caused a reaction, for us that do sustain our beloved prophet and apostles will stand stronger. We will defend them, we will show them love anf support. We will be stronger in our faith in them. The voice of a few negative will not drown out the voices of the million positives. I sustain president Monson anf his incredible apostles. 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    Moi aussi je crois en un prophète vivant en ces derniers jours et le Président Thomas M Monson en est le prophète aujourd’hui.

  11. Kenneth

    I believe Pres. Monson (or at least the First Presidency) has a Facebook page. How about if we send our sustaining vote there?

  12. Anonymous

    You could also say, ” I love Jesus Christ! And, because I love my savior, I will love and sustain the prophet he has called to guide us, Thomas S. Monson.”

  13. Richard Genck

    Whenever someone kicks the Church, they kick it uphill.

    These stunts don’t harm the Kingdom., they make it stronger. Our members Band together, we take our spirituality more seriously, and we are reminded the consequence of personal apostasy.

    The lines continue to be drawn between the world and the Lord. Which way to we face? We stand with Christ.

    (P.S. If you do an edit, put a little more emphasis on how sustaining the prophet is equal to following Jesus Christ.)

    Thanks for this post!

  14. Esther Longmore

    Beautiful post! I knew the dissent was a possibility, but forgot all about it. My heart sank when it happened and I was surprised by my tears that lasted several minutes. I’m thankful President Uchtdorf handled it with such dignity and grace. I could improve on that. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  15. Kalei

    Beautiful, sweet and lovely message!!! Thank you for this inspiring, filled with hope and love message!!! I loved all that I have read that you have written 🙂 I too will try my best to sustain our Beautiful and Beloved and Exceptional Prophet by trying my best to follow our Beloved Savior and Redeemer Jesus-Christ 😀 It made me so sad also, especially for our Prophet to hear about this, but I know that Our Heavenly Father has prepared them in all ways for these moments, and know that They, Our Chucho Leaders know that these are things that would happen as Members and Leaders of Gods true Church, I am sure are more then prepared and most probably reach out to those who have so sadly “opposed”. It is beautiful to know, see and feel that EVERY TIME the adversary tries to make us, Gods Children and Church fall down, or weaken, it actually only makes God’s Church and Members Stronger and Better! 😀 Why, because this is the only True, Living and Eternal Church of God, and NO ONE, Absolutely NO ONE, not the Adversary or Men can tear it down, for it is built upon the Rock of Our Beloved Eternal Redeemer Jesus -Christ Helaman 5:12 <3 Thank you for this message and President Monson we love you just so very much Eternally and will Sustain you Eternally!!! 😀 <3

  16. Terri Moore

    Well said… I felt the same way. Our family was very fortunate to meet president monson in 2006. Shortly before he became president of the church. My daughter had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and wanted to meet him. He kindly said yes. First thing when he walked in the room I could immediately tell one thing… he loved us. We thought we would only be in there a short time. He gave her a blessing and thought that we would be done. He spent an hour with us. He taught our daughter a song on the piano, showed us around the office, let me take an insane amount of pictures. We were(and still are) just in awe of the kindness he showed us. He told us funny stories and we even have a picture of him putting our son in a head lock laughing. I have never met a more genuine, humble, kind, loving, down to earth follower of Christ. It broke my heart on a personal level. I am grateful for the example president monson has been to my family. We will never forget his kindness and love for our family. We sustain you President Monson.

  17. Delcia Crosby

    Thank you so much! I was watching conference when this happened, and I heard the shouts, but my mind was distracted by the sheer number of names that President Uchtdorf was reading, that it did not register in my mind that that is what the shouting was. I only found out about two hours ago on Facebook, which is one reason I’m still up at 1:30 am, because I feel I cannot sleep with this on my mind. It breaks my heart that some people feel the need to cause a disruption because they disagree with something. But even as I have been thinking about this occurrence, I’ve been wanting to post on Facebook what my thoughts were on the subject. I just couldn’t put it into words everything I was feeling. But I feel like you have put all of those words down for me. Although we disagree with how these people are going about their business, we should not put them down and should love them regardless, but even more importantly, we need to remember that all we need to do is show God that we love and support Him, and things will work out for the best in the end. If it is not okay it is not the end. And I LOVE how you used today’s conference messages to prove your point and show what you will do differently because of it (or continue doing 😉 ). Thank you for being willing to share what you believe. It really means a lot, and I believe that righteousness always prevails, and the words of one have more impact than you realize. Even if you don’t hold a big important title or position, you can still have a huge impact (a message I learned from Michael T. Ringwood this afternoon).

  18. sophierj

    I love this article. I was pre-warned, so did not have the same ‘shock’ factor when I watched it. Watching it knowing what had happened gave me an opportunity to see it with different eyes I suppose. I think it was dealt with majestically, with huge dignity and without drama. Gracefully and actually this gives a chance to demonstrate what does happen when people object, because we are all given free choice, and the right to exercise it, and we are all given the opportunity to object. I would imagine that we will see more of this, and I think that there is more power in the thousands that raised their hands to the square to say ‘yes’ rather than the couple that decided to say ‘no’…

  19. Marion McLaverty

    The Lord told us through the prophet Joseph Smith that these things should be done by common consent (see D&C 26&28) and we have the opportunity each Conference and also in our wards and stakes to do such. I sustain President Monson with all my heart and soul as I do other Church leaders. Is it sad when people object? Of course it is and we can feel for our leaders when this happens but let us also feel for those who have objected. Isn’t this what The Lord would do? They may not welcome our prayers on their behalf, but surely that is what Jesus would want us to do and also our church leaders. I love the prophet and I believe he loves these people too. Was he sad by what happened? Undoubtedly, but not for himself but for those who raised their voices.

  20. Ty

    I see this different. I like that people question and don’t follow like sheep. There has always been those believers that have disagreed with the prophets and even Christ. The key is once their issues have been addressed then they must get behind the Lords chosen and be loyal and obedient Brigham Young often spoke about this. I read what 2 of the dissenters had issues with and I actually agree in principle with their beef. Some of what they are saying has some merit. I think it’s pretty cool that the church gives us a open vote like this. It’s put there as a method to show transparency and to give the people a voice. Not saying this is you but I see a lot of people looking down on them and passing judgement. I think it takes courage to stand up.

  21. Richard Speakman

    When we sustain the prophet is not a election but it is to tell our father that we support him no matter what, but there will be o position in all things, when a farmer plants a seed he has to water it plenty of sunshine and good soil, that is how we support the prophet, by sharing the gospel

  22. scott rojo

    I sustain the prophet. ✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋

  23. Eric

    Just a point of clarification – “Any Opposed” was not created by and is independent of both OW and FMH. There may be some overlap in membership, but “Any Opposed” was created to support anyone who wished to voice dissent for any reason, not just over women’s ordination.

  24. rebifromgermany

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful testimony. I didn’t actually hear (or see) it happen, but I read about it later on and I was just sad. It got me thinking though because we do live in the last days and people will listen to the world more and more and that means that even members of the church will do things that might be wrong (and they will try to influence others). Satan is getting more and more aggressive because he knows his time is limited. It is up to us to stand firm, stand with our beloved prophet and apostle and to stand with our Heavenly Father. I was part of a discussion today and tried to share my faith and testimony. I said that it is one thing to quietly question doctrine of the church and trying to get answers through prayer, the scriptures and our leaders, but an entirely different story when we openly go against the servants of the Lord, men who were called by our Heavenly Father himself. They are the tool for God to communicate with us. I know I can trust them and I know that he will never let them lead us astray.

  25. Genesis

    This spoke volumes of all the emotions I have dealt with since this afternoon. Thank you for sharing this! Thank you for voicing what so many members are feeling, thinking and wanting. Thank you for shouting our love and support for Pres. Monson

  26. Sra MacLaren

    Please stop spreading misinformation. Any opposed was NOT created by Ordain Women of FMH. All three groups have said so.

    Regardless of who started the movement, I hope those seven are able to be heard, receive meaningful counsel, and get answers to the questions that they have. Pres. Uchtdorf did a wonderful job of noting the vote without letting it ruin the spirit of Conference- I hope everyone in attendance and watching was able to follow his example.

  27. Anonymous

    OH MY! Thank you so much for these beautiful words! all day I have been trying to think what I could do to make a difference to support our beloved prophet! I too wanted to go tell the whole world that I SUSTAIN OUR PROPHET!

  28. Aimee

    Beautiful words of courage, loyalty, humility, and live for our beloved prophet and Savior, Jesus Christ! Thank you for being bold and speaking up in support of our prophet.

  29. Dan Hill

    I think this is a great post and I love your commitment to what has been meaningful to you and truthful to you. I don’t know that shouting opposition was right or wrong. But I do wonder what truth someone might feel strongly enough to do something they know will bring scorn from 20,000 people sitting around them.

    God is pretty tough he will be ok. The jesus I see in the new testiment would want to understand what it is that makes those people feel so unheard and so needing to speak out.

    Just my $.02 I don’t mean to detract from what you believe and hold sacred at all. I can feel your sincerity. Maybe those 7 are just malicious but maybe they also feel something deeply that is equally meaningful to them.

    1. Sra MacLaren

      If only all of us, as members in His church, had your same outlook and compassion towards those who are hurting. Thank you Dan.

    2. Jen

      Thank you for posting this reply, it rings so true. Those few may have some legitimate concerns and it is our place to learn and grow from the experience, not judge.

    3. Anonymous

      Each one of those that dissented will have the opportunity to speak with a general authority face to face to discuss their feelings if they so desire.

    4. Michelle

      It is always your right to not sustain our leaders. However, it saddens me that the sole purpose for their attendance of conference was to share their political agenda. It wasn’t to feel the spirit or be uplifted in any way. They attended, sitting, waiting for he moment that they could show the world that they do not believe. Why waste your time coming out to he conference center if you do not believe? It is only for attention. That to me is the big disappointment. Your statement that they must truly believe something to be able to do that is true. Many are falling because God doesn’t cater to the pressures of society. I hope these men find their peace.

    5. Eric

      Good words, Dan. I sustain the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve, but I also support the right of those so inclined to voice their opposition.

  30. Melissa

    I just finished praying and explaining how sad it made me. What a beautiful post! I love the prophet too and sustain him.

  31. Karla Newland

    Your words are beautiful and express exactly how I feel. Today I was blessed by attending my first General Conference. I had not heard of the possibility of the objections happening, but when they did, I too wanted to stand and raise my hand higher as you did. But then the way that President Uchtdorf continued on as though nothing happened inspired me. Then I my heart was sad for these people that they weren’t able to feel the way that I did. I have always sustained the Prophet, his counselors and the Quorum of the 12 Apostles, but to actually be there in person and to raise my hand will have an everlasting effect in my life. Thanks for sharing this!

  32. lieslbiesl

    I watched the Priesthood session, and when the Prophet spoke, The spirit testified of his calling to me. So very strong! I know he is in place as the leader of our church under Jesus Christ. That he has been called to this position by God, I have NO DOUBT! I SUSTAIN PRESIDENT MONSON! Thank you for your post!

  33. Ariel

    I missed this particular segment of conference this afternoon and my heart sank when I read a friend’s post on Facebook about this occurrence. I want you to know that your blog post is beautiful and speaks to my heart and I too will make it a point to put into motion the things I have learned in conference today. Thank you for your love of Christ and Love and Support of our prophet as well as your beautifully & well written post. 🙂

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