#LIGHTtheWORLD! – 25 Ways for 25 Days!


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has begun its 2016 Christmas initiative, #LIGHTtheWORLD! It is an invitation for everyone, everywhere to follow the example of Jesus Christ, share love, and serve those around us!

We are invited to not only put up lights, but to BE the light this Christmas! It is a wonderful opportunity for each of us to be a part of a big movement on a grand scale.

Starting with a worldwide day of service on December 1st, we are invited to choose just one way to serve someone, every day until Christmas. Ideas will be as broad and diverse as the people who will be implementing them, but the effects will be the same. Lives will lighten, hearts will soften and God’s love will be felt worldwide!

This campaign can be likened to a grand ribbon of love that is lifted and passed from one person to another until it has covered the whole earth. Everyone who has been touched by the passing ribbon will lift and share it with others until eventually, the whole world will be wrapped up and tied in a beautiful Christmas bow!

What better way can we express our love for the Savior this Christmas, than by expressing our love to our fellowmen? Let’s celebrate Christmas this year by offering the greatest gift – ourselves – in the service of others.

Let us share love as Christ did. For Christ truly is the Light of the World

Beginning December 1st, Mormon.org/Christmas will have 25 suggestions for following Christ’s example in lighting the world!  Their website will have wonderful videos, and ideas that will inspire us to Light the world, as Jesus Christ did, this Christmas!

Their suggestions will include the following:

***25 WAYS FOR 25 DAYS!***

  1. Jesus lifted others’ burdens.
  2. Jesus honored His parents.
  3. Jesus helped others to see.
  4. Jesus worshipped His Father.
  5. Jesus healed the sick.
  6. Jesus read the scriptures.
  7. Jesus fed the hungry.
  8. Jesus taught us to pray.
  9. Jesus visited the lonely.
  10. Jesus helped people to walk.
  11. Jesus ministered to children.
  12. Jesus taught others.
  13. Jesus showed humility.
  14. Jesus taught us to clothe the naked.
  15. Jesus worshipped through song.
  16. Jesus showed compassion.
  17. Jesus cared for His mother.
  18. Jesus honored the Sabbath.
  19. Jesus calmed the storm.
  20. Jesus saw potential in others.
  21. Jesus taught us to forgive others.
  22. Jesus showed gratitude!
  23. Jesus was a peacemaker.
  24. Jesus cared for His loved ones.
  25. Jesus’s disciples followed Him – and so can we.

Please visit www.Mormon.org/Christmas each day in December for new videos and Christlike service suggestions!

As we participate in this worldwide Christmas campaign, please consider sharing your activities on social media, using the hashtag #LightTheWorld, so others may be inspired to share their light as well. May we all do what we can to share the light we have, and point others to the source of all light….

Jesus Christ.


“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)


6 thoughts on “#LIGHTtheWORLD! – 25 Ways for 25 Days!

  1. Anonymous

    The energy that this will cause world wide is going to be incredible….I am so excited …….I love my Elder brother so much!!!!…thank you for this opportunity…..this is a perfect way to show Him how much!!!!….thank you!!!….
    Jesus showed us….by a perfect example!

  2. Elizabeth Dietze

    We have a family group page on a social media app and will use this for each of us to have the opportunity to come up with ideas and follow through on them together.

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