I recently posted how incredibly simple it is to find ancestors to bring with you to the temple. (2 eyes + 1 hour = eternal joy!).


A 5-year-old can do it.

If you have 2 eyes and can recognize the color green – you can take an ancestor to the temple with no further effort.

The steps, as I outlined before, are as follows:

  1. Log into FamilySearch.org. and view your family tree.
  2. Look for little green arrows pointing to the temple, above people’s names. Scroll up,down, sideways, back and all around your family tree and YOU WILL FIND A GREEN ARROW eventually! (I have NEVER not found one, and have done this dozens and dozens of times.)
  3. Click on them to reserve their temple work – or share them with other temple patrons.

Last week I did this again. (It’s too easy not to.) I thought I had finally gone through EVERYONE in our family tree and had clicked on ALL the green arrows.

This morning, I decided to give it just one more once over – just to make sure I didn’t miss anyone.

It turns out……I missed 55 people….SO FAR!  My hand began to ache from using the mouse, so I wrote down where I left off and will return again! And again! And again!



MANY of those 55 people needed to be SEALED to their sweet children, or parents, or loving companions. I cannot wait to take their names with me when I go to the temple. (Many I released to the temple so they could be done right away, without having to wait for me.)

When I took my ancestors to the temple this last time, the sealer looked carefully at them and said, “Do you know how long they have been waiting to be sealed? Do you know that the rest of their work was done many decades ago, but somehow no one performed their sealings!  Thank you for finding them and finishing this important work!”

I wish I could emphasize to you how simple this eternal work is!

  • Just go to the family tree that already exists on Family Search.
  • Just scroll around until you find a GREEN ARROW! And you WILL find one! (Or 55!)
  • Click to reserve their ordinances or share them with the temple.


I have accomplished the above in under 30 seconds.

Do you have 30 seconds?


We need to be missionaries for our own families!


(Please comment or email if you have any questions. I would be happy to help you!)


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8 thoughts on “I THOUGHT I WAS DONE!

  1. April McMurtrey Post author

    Thank you so much for that important reminder! You are right….the Lord’s house is a house of order. Thank you, Lynn!

    1. April McMurtrey Post author

      Great question! You will see an option to print out the ordinance request. Then, out of your printer you will see a sheet of paper with your ancestor’s name and the ordinance to be done. You take that sheet of paper to the temple and they will create a pink or blue card from, which you will recognize and know what to do with. 🙂 let me know if I can clarify anything else for you!

  2. Lynn

    Love it! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and encouragement:) May I add just one little detail? Please be sure to check for duplicates before reserving for ordinance work. Often ancestors have been added to the familysearch system multiple times throughout the years by different people or through the extraction program and need to be combined by someone who can confirm that they are really the same person (or not). I don’t mean to complicate things, and the system is pretty good to flag you when there are possible duplicates, but this really is a very important step that helps make our temple service more meaningful. Keep up the great work!

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