I would say it has been almost a year since I sent an inquiring email regarding volunteering as a church-service missionary for the church. I suppose the time wasn’t quite right then, for I never followed up on the response I received.

3 days ago I received an email asking me if I was still interested. Isn’t it interesting how now – at the time when my work load has decreased and my available time has increased – I get an email reminding me about this wonderful opportunity to serve?!

I was so excited when I received the email!

In part it said:

Dear Sister April McMurtrey,
Some time ago you inquired about the LDS.org Response Team. I sent you some information and applications to serve as a Church-service missionary or Long-time volunteer. I am re-sending those files.
There are many ways to serve in the Church. This is a great way to schedule your own time to serve at home through the Internet from any place in the world. Please reply to this email to let me know if you are interested in joining our team. I look forward to hearing from you.

This email brought a huge smile to my face and completely brightened my day! I was eager to respond to it. Within a couple of minutes I sent a reply email and asked for further information, which I promptly received.

I then went straight to the internet to refresh my memory on exactly what an LDS.org Response Team Member was responsible for. I was elated to read what I might have the opportunity of doing!

According to the information found on LDS.org, the Response Team is described as follows:

 More than four dozen member volunteers and missionaries in 16 countries are engaged in a new approach to serving in the Church. They are members of a team that helps handle feedback submitted to LDS.org, the website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
The LDS.org response team is composed of worthy adult Church members—volunteers, service missionaries, and full-time missionaries—who follow the promptings of the Spirit to respond, delegate, or forward feedback items from LDS.org. Most serve from home.
Almost every page on the new LDS.org, which launched on December 1, 2010, contains a link labeled “Do you have feedback about this page?”
Through that link, visitors to LDS.org may submit a compliment, question, suggestion, or other comment about the website. A third-party company gathers the information to one location, which responders can log in to and answer the questions. Some volunteers also monitor the Church’s Facebook page.
There are three levels of involvement among response team members: volunteers serve 5 or more hours per month; service missionaries serve 8 to 12 hours per week for 6, 12, 18, or 24 months; and full-time missionaries serve 32 to 40 hours per week for 18 or 24 months.
Those who apply must be cleared by their local Church leader, approved, and (if they are a missionary) set apart.
The application to volunteer or become a missionary assigned to the response team is located at lds.org/service/missionary-service under “Current Opportunities.” The opportunity ID number is 5833. Volunteers can designate that they don’t want to be a missionary on their disclosure form.
Regardless of whether they are a volunteer or a missionary, every team member must have basic computer skills, Internet access, and intermediate English language skills. They receive training through Internet programs and by e-mail. 

I couldn’t wait to begin!

I have to admit….I thought very carefully about whether I wanted to commit to the 5 hours/month as a long term volunteer, or the 8 hours per week TO BE A MISSIONARY!  Tears almost came to my eyes when I thought that I might finally have the chance to WEAR A NAME TAG as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!

I decided, however, to be a Volunteer first. I need to see how I do in this small commitment before I promise more. I am thrilled to know, however, that if/when I find I am easily fitting 8 hours per week in this service – I can be called on a mission!

I quickly sent back my application and waited…….

Would I be approved?

I hoped so!

Then – THIS MORNING – I received an email with this on the first line:

“Welcome to the Response Team!”

I am SO happy!!!

Along with that email, I received the necessary training materials to learn how to fulfill my new responsibilities. It will take me a while to learn the ropes, but I am so happy for this wonderful new opportunity to serve!

I am to let them know as soon as I have been set apart for this new assignment….One step closer to when I can someday be set apart……

As a missionary.



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7 thoughts on “I AM SO EXCITED!

  1. AJ Barlow

    Awesome! I didn’t really know that they had such positions. I may have to inquire into something like that when I’m done with school this year. That sounds really fantastic. God bless!

  2. Phyllis Olive

    I couldn’t be more excited for you. You and Eric will make Perfect missionaries.My prayers are with you bott. God bless you.

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