The Doctrine of Compensatory Power – Part 2

God sets us up for success. He always provides a way for us to keep His commandments. And when the going gets tough, He compensates for the challenges we may encounter.

Last year, I blogged about an address given at BYU Education Week by Neil L Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. He taught us the ‘Doctrine of Compensatory Power‘.  He described the increasing intensity and rate of the adversary’s influence in the world today, as compared to the compensatory gifts and power God has and will provide to those who faithfully follow Him. As there is greater evil in the world, there will be greater spiritual power for the righteous who desire, pursue, and live worthy of those blessings. God will provide the faithful with the spiritual gifts necessary to fight the war we are in – and win. We will have what we need provided for us – to compensate for the increasing wickedness and temptations we will find in the world.

As Elder Andersen explained, God will not leave the righteous on the same ground while evil rises to new levels. He will provide means to aid us in overcoming evil and temptation. Technology is one of those means when used for good. How is technology a compensatory gift? With a computer, tablet or smart phone we have instant and easy access to the words of the prophets, the holy scriptures, sacred music and so much more – to HELP us honor and reverence the Sabbath Day.

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The Brethren have recently been stressing the importance of keeping the Sabbath Day holy. God will provide the means for us to do so. He has set us up for success. He is helping us receive the blessings of keeping this important commandment. We need only look for what He has given us. Honestly, with all He has provided, there is simply not enough time in a typical Sabbath Day to do all that we can to keep it holy. We can pick and choose which wonderful ways we feel will best show the Lord our love. Some of the following suggestions (which are highlighted) have only been available to us in recent years through technological advances.  This is evidence of the doctrine of compensatory power.

On a Sabbath Day, we may:

God has provided compensatory help for us to honor the Sabbath Day.  It is easier than ever before to find worthy things to do to “remember Him” on His holy day. I believe His desire is for us to obtain all the blessings He would like to pour down upon us….helping us qualify for them in these darkening times.

God’s love – and compensatory blessings – abound.

A pink diamond-pattern graphic paired with a quote by Elder Richard G. Scott: “Our Heavenly Father … put us on earth … to succeed gloriously.”

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