Some unusual things happened today.

  1. I had some extra time. I never have extra time.
  2. I had the thought to go to the park with that time. I NEVER go to the park.
  3. I brought my ipad (recently equipped with 3G) to the park for reasons I did not know.

I recognized that the thought to go to the park, was a prompting, partly because it was so unusual.  I decided to take the box I had made last week which says, “Free Book of Mormon! Take One!” to set out near the playground.


Though I was eager to perhaps be on the Lord’s errand, I was scared too.  When I pulled into the park’s parking lot, I felt my courage waning and I said a prayer. I prayed that myfaith may be strengthened, that I would be blessed with and exercise courage, that the timing for whatever the Lord had in mind may be precise, and that those who were curious about the gospel would be blessed with the message of the Book of Mormon.

I then grabbed the box, a drink, my ipad and materials for a talk I need to work on for next Sunday, and headed toward the park.

I went to a picnic table and set everything down. I looked at the playground area and there was a grandmother with some grandchildren playing. I wondered when I should place the box over there. I wanted to go when no one was looking, place the box, then make my way back to the table and watch what happened. (I put my testimony, name and email address inside each book.)

The grandmother took the kids to the bathroom – and I made a dash for it!  I took the box to the edge of the playground and set it there, took a quick picture, and dashed back.

FreeBOM1I then set all my materials out on the picnic table and began to take a few notes.  Not 3 minutes went by, when someone began to walk toward me, whom I began to recognize.

Soon, I realized that the person walking in my direction was  a woman I had seen in church the past several weeks. She often sits behind our family and so I have had the chance to get to know her a little bit, and like her quite a lot. When she came near I got up and went to her and expressed my delight at seeing her there! We shared a brief hug and sat down together.

This sweet woman, is not a member of the church.

She immediately opened up about some things she was curious about regarding  some doctrines of the church, and we ended up having a sweet and beautiful discussion about the gospel for the next hour and a half.  She had many questions and I was delighted to have some answers, and a few opportunities to share my testimony with her.  The Holy Spirit was present and she and I both choked back tears more than once as we discussed the truths of the gospel. We parted with another hug – a much more meaningful one this time.

What a welcome, unexpected miracle.

I am so incredibly grateful for answered prayers in unexpected ways.

I desired to have the opportunity to share the message of the Book of Mormon with someone who was curious and wanted to learn more.  Though I didn’t see anyone take a Book of Mormon from the box, I was able to offer my testimony of its message from my own mouth, into the ears of a ready and eager listener.

Oh, and the ipad?  There was a time in our conversation when I desperately wanted to share with her Elder Holland’s testimony of the Book of Mormon (Mormon Message).  The ipad was there (and ready to connect to the internet with the 3G coverage it just received a few days ago).  We watched Elder Holland’s beautiful testimony and felt the Spirit in abundance, there – in the middle of a park.

My friends, the Lord truly guides His work, and if we offer Him willing hands and an open mouth, He will fill them.

Of this I can bear testimony.

I decided to leave the box with Book of Mormons at the park a while longer.

Perhaps I will go check it tomorrow…

in the hopes it will be empty.

Elder Holland’s Testimony of the Book of Mormon

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In the Book of Mormon, Alma chapter 22, we find Aaron in a position to teach Lamoni’s father about the entire plan of salvation, from the beginning:

13 And Aaron did expound unto him the scriptures from the creation of Adam, laying the fall of man before him, and their carnal state and also the plan of  redemption, which was prepared from the foundation of the world, through Christ, for all whosoever would believe on his name.

I have always wondered what it would be like to teach someone, who was eager to learn, the entire plan of salvation from the beginning, and to see their expression when they learn who they are, what they are doing here, and what will happen after this life!

So, I wrote a little book and decided to title it, “What is the Purpose of Life?”   I hoped that it would do what Aaron did, expound the big picture for those who did not know the great plan of happiness.

BookCoverImage (2)

The book, in 53 short pages, describes:

  1. Our Premortal Life
  2. Mortality
  3. Jesus Christ
  4. The Great Apostasy
  5. The Restoration
  6. Our Purpose
  7. Life After Death
  8. Today
  9. In a Nutshell
  10. The Rest of the Story
  11. The Living Christ

I am not a professional writer, so I just published it myself and for the past few years I have just been giving it to friends who are curious about the purpose of life.  It is a handy little book with simple answers to life’s complex questions!

Writing and publishing the book was easy to do. I invite you to do the same!  Or perhaps write your testimony!  Or your personal history!  Your friends and family will treasure what you have to share!

Today’s technology makes ways to share the gospel almost uncountable!  The information I wrote is cheap and available on a Kindle. Choose a way that you are comfortable with and sink your own sickle!

You can write a book, write a blog, share your testimony via social media, create online ads, the ideas are endless!  Of sharing your beliefs using technology, our church leaders have said the following:

“There are new ways to invite others to ‘come and see.’ Let’s make sharing our faith online more a part of our daily life.,, Facebook, Twitter—all provide opportunities.”— Elder Neil L. Andersen

“Sharing the good news of the gospel is easier and the effects more far-reaching than ever before. . . . Perhaps the Lord’s encouragement to ‘open [your] mouths’ might today include ‘use your hands’ to blog and text message the gospel to all the world!” . . .

“With the blessings of modern technology, we can express gratitude and joy about God’s great plan for His children in a way that can be heard . . . around the world. Sometimes a single phrase of testimony can set events in motion that affect someone’s life for eternity.” — President Dieter F. Uchtdorf 

My friends, we know so much!

How can we keep it to ourselves?

I invite you to share what we know, using the tools God has provided for us!

Let us sink our sickles in white fields!



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A little prayer goes a long way…..a lot goes further.


Where do I start?  I suppose at the beginning.

Last week I was talking with some friends. They were telling me, excitedly, about the incredible missionary experience they had just had.  Their experience with sharing the gospel with someone was truly a miracle! (One they will recount on this blog shortly.) As they were describing how it unfolded to me, I wondered, “Why can’t I have experiences like that? I want to share the gospel with someone who wants to learn more, too.”  Don’t misunderstand, I wasn’t discouraged or depressed, but it made me contemplate my own situation and determine what was different between my preparation to share the gospel with someone, and theirs. And I know what that difference is.  They said they FASTED AND PRAYED for missionary experiences and they TRULY wanted them!  They weren’t scared of the possibility, they were waiting – and watching, eagerly, for them!

So I changed.

I have prayed for missionary experiences often – daily – many times per day.  BUT, often, my heart wasn’t in my plea. I was saying the words, but perhaps not really feeling them.  So, I began praying differently. I began to pour out my heart and PLEA to my Father for help to share His gospel! I explained to God how much I want to be a missionary for Him and why! I explained to my Father that I feel so blessed to have the gospel in my life, yet, at the same time, I feel SO bad for those who do not yet have it – and how I want so much to share it with others, so they can feel blessed too!  I now have heartfelt conversations with my Father in Heaven, and truly express my deep desire to be an instrument in His hands to help share His word.   I begged for help in becoming a vessel for the Spirit, both for my own growth as well as an aid in assisting others to come unto Christ.  I also prayed for help in remembering to be a missionary to my own family – first, for they are my highest priory.  As the tears flowed, my faith increased that my prayers will be heard.

I determined to follow the example my friends set for me and fast for those experiences.  I have done so many times, but again, my heart was not in it as much as it could have been.  I now TRULY fast and petition God for these desires of my heart to be fulfilled.  I am now confident that He knows my heart, and I now have discovered for myself, just how badly I want this.  I don’t want to be a missionary so I can blog about it. I don’t want to be a missionary so I can boast or feel good about MY accomplishments. I want to be a missionary because I love the Lord and my brothers and sisters! I want to be a missionary because I want to help bring others of Father’s children back to Him!

So, this Sabbath came a little different. I knew it would be different. I wasn’t expecting miracles, but I was expecting to spiritually prepare myself to better be a servant for the Lord.

Saturday, I (we) truly prepared for the Sabbath Day.  My husband cooked the entire dinner ahead of time, so it only would need to be reheated.  We both cleaned the house so it would be ready for the Sabbath. I made sure everything was ironed and prepared and ready.  We felt good going into the evening, knowing we were welcoming the Sabbath the way it was intended to be welcomed.

That night, in my prayers, I prayed again about my desires to be His servant.  I then thought of a specific person that I wanted to share the gospel with, and told the Lord I would open my mouth and asked Him to fill it.  I also prayed that we would be a missionary-minded family, and that our faith, courage and determination to serve Him would grow.

As I lay down to sleep, I thought of an idea to spread the gospel in our community. It was a – very different – idea, and I wasn’t sure if it was a “crazy” idea or not. I determined to ask the Bishop the next morning.

Sunday morning came and with it, the blessings of the Spirit.  As I went through the morning, I could tell this Sabbath would be special – in that I would grow spiritually.  It already had, just from the blessings of peace in our home.  This day felt different already, and I decided to jot down notes of how I was feeling blessed, as the day progressed.

In my morning prayers, I asked for help in discovering my weaknesses. I had always bristled inside when I had asked of this before, but today I had a totally different perspective. I thought of being shown my weaknesses as a merciful intervention to help me live happier – if I would work to make those strengths. It was no longer seen as a pathway to sorrow and guilt, but a pathway to happiness!  I was already being taught by the Spirit.

I dove into the scriptures and learned something I had never realized before, though I had read that passage numerous times before! I was already being edified.

I tuned into the Mormon music channel as I often do on Sunday mornings, but thought to open the window in the chance that our neighbor might also hear the uplifting music – and now that they know we are Mormon, leave a positive impression with them.  I was feeling the Spirit and wanted to share it.

I then went to church and, because I was speaking in another ward, was able to see 2 young men who were baptized the day before, be confirmed members of the church.  I couldn’t hold back tears of gratitude that they had found the truth!  I was being blessed to rejoice in the building of the Kingdom of God and for the joy that these 2 young men will now find – including generations after them!

I was able to bear my witness of the power of faith in my talk.  I was so grateful to feel blessed by the Spirit as I testified.

In our ward council meeting later that morning, I felt impressed to PLEA silently that we, as a ward council would TRULY be able to bring those we were discussing to Christ!  Not just write their names down and talk about them, but truly be an instrument in bringing them back to the fold!  That meeting meant more to me than it ever had before, with that newly renewed goal in my own mind.  I was being blessed with a desire to serve!

In my own ward, I was able to witness 2 recent converts blessing and passing the sacrament!  I was also blessed to witness 3 investigators come to church to learn more of their Savior!  And how blessed I was – that one of those investigators was the woman I had talked with in the park 2 weeks ago!  (See post “Unexpected Miracles”)  The joy that came from seeing these people filled me to overflowing.  Truly I was being blessed.

I then was able to hear my own son, bear his testimony on the power and importance of missionary work.  I cannot even begin to write what I felt, as a mother, after feeling so blessed already, to hear him testify.   It felt like the Spirit would overflow – that there was not enough room to receive it.

My friends, I am learning what it takes to spiritually prepare for my calling as a member missionary.  The woman I wanted to share the gospel with today, was not there, but she will be. I will see her again, and I WILL open my mouth!

I did not invite anyone to hear the missionaries today, but I was able to smile and welcome 3 investigators to our ward. I was able to testify. I was able to share the beautiful music of the gospel of Jesus Christ with our neighbors. I learned what it means to truly pray – and plea – and pour out the desires of my heart in prayer for assistance in His work. I learned how to more thoughtfully fast. I will take the notes I took in ward council and do my best to do my part in bringing back His lost sheep.  I talked to the Bishop about my potentially “crazy” idea to share the gospel in our area and he did not think it was a crazy idea, but a new idea to be considered. I learned from the scriptures.  I learned from my own son. I was strengthened in my faith, resolve and courage to do His work.

I cannot thank my friends enough for the example they set for me.  My life has been changed drastically for the better because they let their light shine.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)

I have been greatly blessed.

And NOW – I will continue my quest in more earnestness –

so others may be blessed, too.




Today I decided to wear my BYU t-shirt to the park.  Who knows? Maybe it could be a conversation starter? But, what was my surprise, when a father of 6 came into the park with a similar shirt on!  (Perhaps he had the same idea!) :)

Even though we didn’t know each other, when we saw each other’s shirts – we gave each other a small grin.

Then, I thought of a possible


Which would go something like this:

We see each other in the park, with our BYU shirts, and give each other a knowingsmile.

We give each other the look that says,

“Let’s do this!”

He comes over to the swings where I am and our conversation goes something like this (in earshot of many listeners):

  • Dad: Nice weather we’re having huh?
  • Me: Yeah – beautiful!
  • Dad:  It reminds me of the weather in Utah during April General Conference!
  • Me: Yes! However, any weather seems better and brighter during General Conference!
  • Dad: Isn’t that true?!  In fact, hearing the prophet of the Lord speak brightens my whole mood!
  • Me:  I know what you mean!  Isn’t it wonderful that we actually have a living prophet to teach us? And – that if you can’t be in Utah when he speaks, you can watch the General Conference of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints right on the internet?
  • Dad: Yes! What’s the website again? Was it LDS.ORG?
  • Me: Yes! LDS.ORG is where you can find anything and everything – about the Mormons! Or, you can also go to MORMON.ORG, that’s easy to remember!
  • Dad: That’s right….by the way, I’m Sam!
  • Me:  Oh, nice to meet you, Sam! I’m April. Funny how we were talking like friends without even having met before! I guess being members of the MORMON church just makes you feel like family!
  • Dad:  It sure does! If you know someone else is a Mormon too – it seems like you automatically have an instant friend!  In fact, how would you and your family like to join us for Family Home Evening next week? We will be having a fun lesson about the Book of Mormon!
  • Me:  We’d love to join you!  Thank you!  Since the Book of Mormon is by far the best book ever published….it should be an amazing lesson!
  • Dad:  Well, I don’t know if the lesson will be amazing, but the book sure is! And the Spirit of God will surely be there, just like it is every Sunday in church!  Say, where is the nearest church around here anyway, and when do they meet?
  • Me: It’s right there, just across the park!  You can come on Sundays at 9am or at 11am!   We love newcomers and I’m sure you, and anyone else who would like to come, would feel welcome!……

….and so the PERFECT conversation continues until everyone around us knows who we are, what we believe, and how they can learn more about Christ’s true church! :)


That was the perfect scenario.

Here’s how the real thing went:

He comes over to the swings where I am and our conversation went something like this (in earshot of many listeners):

  • Me:  I like your shirt!
  • Dad:  Yeah, I saw yours too when I came in!
  • Me:  Did you go to BYU?
  • Dad:  Yeah, and my daughter going there this fall.
  • Me:  Oh that’s great! My son just finished his first year! I didn’t go, but I’m hoping that since my son did, that still gives me license to wear the shirt! :)
  • Dad:  Do you live around here?
  • Me: Yeah. You?
  • Dad:  No, we’re from Utah and just visiting.  But we used to live here. Do you know the _____ family?
  • Me:  Yeah! I have worked with them in Relief Society and in Primary!
  • Dad:  Cool.
  • Me:  Yeah.

And that was about it!


FAR FROM the perfect scenario!

But now that I’ve run through “what could have been” in my mind, I’ll try again next time!

If by chance…..

2 cougars ever meet again in the park!




I would like to submit to you two questions:

1. Do we REALLY believe Christ will come again? If so…
2. Do we believe the time for His coming is near?

My friends, I testify to you that the future scripture story of the triumphant second coming of the Lord, which has not yet been written, is not a story at all. It is true!

Even though it has not yet occurred, I know it will!

And this knowledge gives me purpose and perspective.

Sometimes we need a reminder of why we are here. WE ARE ISRAEL and are here to gather our brothers and sisters and prepare them, with us, for the second coming of the Holy One of Israel. (And understand that our own personal second coming may be tomorrow.)

When we look at the big picture, we can see how short the history of the world really is!  So, what is our part in it?  Why were we saved to be born today? What is our mission?

I believe we have been born today to be instruments for the Lord!

His mouth.

His hands.

His servants for our brothers and sisters, His precious children, who have not yet come to know Him.

As a wise friend of mine once said, there is no time to entertain evil. There is no time to procrastinate our repentance. The time to fill our purpose is now!  We have been placed in the paths of specific people at specific times, for specific reasons.  The Lord is counting on us!  He does not want to lose ANY of His children and so He needs our hands to reach them – and our mouths to teach them.

The time for member missionary work has never been more urgent. There has been a recent wave of missionary talks, missionary firesides, missionary broadcasts, missionary announcements, missionary changes, missionary updates, missionary books and music and discussions….because THE TIME FOR A SURGE IN MISSIONARY WORK IS NOW.


The missionaries we were born to be.

My friends, our brothers and sisters need us!

Our Father in Heaven, who blesses us daily, needs us!

Let us get up!

Let us get out!

Let us get going!


It is the Saturday Night of Time.



wake up1

A follower replied to one of my posts recently, and what she said was an important reminder for me.  It was a wake up call for me to carefully assess my priorities in my quest to be a good member missionary.  Her comment reminded me to LOVE first.  I knew that, but I wonder if I had forgotten?

In my mind, there are 2 general ideas regarding missionary work, that I need to processsimultaneously.

The first idea is found in Alma and is the story of Ammon. He went to the land of Ishmael as a missionary. However, when he was presented before the king, he simply told him he wanted to be his servant and dwell among the people, perhaps until the day he died.  He didn’t tell the king, “I am here to teach you the word of God,” even though that was certainly a priority.  He simply said, “I am here to serve you.”

 #1:  To be a successful missionary, one must first love and serve them.

The second idea can be summarized in these words from our church leaders:

“My dear friends, today there are more ways than ever for us to open our mouths and share with others the joyful news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is a way for everyone—even the hesitant missionary—to participate in this great work.”

“Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God, ye are called to the work.” (Pres. Deiter F. Uchtdorf)


“Missionary work is an identifying feature of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Always has it been; ever shall it be. As the Prophet Joseph Smith declared, “After all that has been said, the greatest and most importantly duty is to preach the Gospel.”

#2:  There is no more important effort we can engage in, than sharing the gospel.

I think both of these ideas might be best processed simultaneously, and balanced with almost equal emphasis. I think I may have become a little off balanced. I need to remember that I must serve and love -as much as- open my mouth – perhaps even more.What a shame it would be if I was blind to opportunities for service, because my vision was focused too narrowly on teaching.

So, thank  you, poster, for that comment and wake up call!

I will remember to go and do…..

the right way.




I’m not going to lie, missionary work scares me!

I love it…..

but it’s still scary!

Even though I’ve been working at it the past few years, I still get PRETTY nervous on my “sickle swinging” ventures!

For instance, on Sunday I substituted in a 6-7 year old primary class. We talked about the plan of salvation which then turned into “Now how can we share this wonderful news with others?”  I asked them to give me specific ideas on how I can share the gospel each day this coming week!

Here’s what they told me to do!:

  1. Sunday – invite someone over for dinner
  2. Monday – invite someone over for family home evening
  3. Tuesday – decorate my fourth of July BOM box (you’ll see on Thursday)
  4. Wednesday – Wear a shirt I had made that says, “Read the Book of Mormon! It’s TRUE!”
  5. Thursday – take a box of Book of Mormons to where we are going to celebrate the 4th of July. Put a sign on it that says, “Free Book of Mormons – Take One!”
  6. Friday – Give someone a gift of a Book of Mormon
  7. Saturday – Invite someone to church

Great ideas huh?!  Well, here’s how it’s going so far:

  1. It’s Sunday night as I write this….I didn’t invite anyone to dinner.  I feel bad about that, but I’ll try to be patient with myself and keep trying.
  2. Hmmm…I’m a little scared to do that!  Who will I invite?  What will we do? HOW DO YOU SWING A SICKLE AGAIN?
  3. I can do that! (I bought a box just for this purpose last week!)
  4. OK. I’ve done it before, I can do it again. (I’ll post a picture in my UPDATES page.) It is a little scary but it’s ok!  At least the message that “the BOM is true” will get out there.  Plus, I told the primary kids to ask me how I did, next Sunday. I don’t want to let them down (any more!) They ACTUALLY wanted me to also wear a hat that I am ordering that says, “I’m a Mormon – any questions?” AND carry a big sign that says, “Be a Mormon!” Ha Ha! Bless those kids! I will wear the hat when it comes in, but I don’t think I’m up to carrying the sign – just yet! :)
  5. This will be fun. (and easy!) I will take some video for you and will post it in the UPDATES page.
  6. Hmmm….this is tough (again.) I gave someone a BOM about a month ago and things were, if I’m being totally honest, a little weird after that. But that’s ok. At least they have one! It’s my job to offer and invite. So, fresh courage take, April!  Who will I give one to? I don’t know! I will pray about it.
  7. Oh man! This gets tougher and tougher! Who will I invite? Ahhh! I will do it though. I will pray about who. (Again, stay tuned to the UPDATES page on the home screen. I’ll let you know how this all goes!)

I wonder if those sweet kids have any idea how hard, and scary, what they’ve asked me to do is? Probably not!  But, since they are tomorrow’s missionaries (and todays!) I will do it.  (I just typed, I will TRY, instead of I will do it, many times and kept erasing it! I guess writing a blog and being accountable is working! ) (I did stop short, however, of putting an exclamation point.  Ahhh!  I’ll try to be better for you guys! I want to be a good, eager missionary! But sometimes IT IS HARD!)

I’m scared!

(I don’t sound very much like a missionary right now do I?)

But I will have courage!

(I hope?)



mm tag

I HOPE THEY CALL ME ON A….Oh wait!  They already did!

(D&C 4:3 – Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work.)

  • I don’t have a name tag, but I have a desire to share the truth!
  • I don’t have a missionary haircut, but I have a Book of Mormon with me at all times!
  • I didn’t get trained at the MTC, but I got trained at my mother’s knee!
  • I don’t have a mission president, but I have a prophet!
  • I don’t have two years to volunteer full time (yet), but I do have two eyes to see the opportunities all around me!


Therefore, I have been called to the work!

I want others to know they are loved by THEIR Father in Heaven! I want them to know repentance is possible through the beautiful atonement! I want them to know Christ’s church is HERE! I want them to know they can live with their FAMILIES forever! I want them to know there is hope. And happiness!  And joy beyond comprehension!  I want them to know of the blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

But I have to do more than just want them to know. I MUST TELL THEM!  So I will.

And I will use this forum to document my efforts – so I am accountable to do more than just talk about it!   Who knows, maybe it will give others ideas, and let them know they are not alone in this effort.  I know I am only one among many….

…and together this gospel will sound in every ear – one member at a time!



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Last week was unusual in that I had a goal to share the gospel in a different way each day of the week (see post: “Well?…DID SHE DO IT?”)  Now, it’s Monday morning – a typical Monday with cleaning, laundry, children, errands, etc…and I’m thinking to myself,“What can I do today?”

  • Should I only think about serving and sharing the gospel when I’ve mentally prepared myself first?
  • Do I need to make an appointment before I can think about visiting teaching or calling a friend?
  • I don’t have any REAL goals today, except laundry, cleaning and dishes, well – isn’t that enough…

…for today?

  • Maybe I should think all week about something I can do to share the gospel, then plan it, then do it…


Then I found a Mormon message from President Eyring called CHOOSE THIS DAY. (See link in the FB fan page or at bottom of post.) In it, he says that we can, even when we don’t think we can, serve EACH day, if we so choose.

So what can I do today?

I will be a missionary in my own home.

  1. I will teach, serve and love my own family.  Every single time I interact with one of them, every time I open my mouth, is an opportunity to do so.
  2. I will check in on those I visit teach, just so they know they are thought of.
  3. I will study the gospel by listening to the scriptures or other messages while I clean.
  4. I will pray for and keep my heart open to other opportunities to love, serve and share.

So, even though today is just a typical Monday, I can make it special by being a missionary mother….

…my two favorite callings –




closed mouth1

Yesterday I went with my daughter on a “ballerina” photo shoot.  For those of you who read my very first few posts, you know what that means…

Our photographer is someone I want to share the gospel with.  So, I began our adventure with high hopes!  My goal was to let her know we were Mormon – just somehow work that into the conversation. I wanted her to know this, because I wanted her to know Mormons were happy people.

It didn’t work out quite the way I expected. The only mention of my church that I was able to slide in, was a brief mention of the “church camp” my daughter and I will be going to. Other than that……nothing.


As I thought about it last night, I realized that I did share the gospel with her, because she SAW happy people – and she will one day, know we are Mormon (I will make sure of that.)  Though I didn’t “shout” the good news of the gospel with my mouth, we shouted the good news of the gospel by our actions.  Our photographer saw a mother and daughter who laughed and played and complimented and had fun throughout the whole photo shoot (which lasted many hours).  In fact, she mentioned how it’s “obvious we hate each other” (joking) when she asked if she could snap some mother and daughter photos.

So, she was able to see the gospel in action – the effect it has on people’s lives to make them so happy.

I hope that was shouted even louder than my mouth could have expressed it.


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