My friends, I testify to you that the future scripture story of the triumphant second coming of the Lord, which has not yet been written, is not a story at all. It is true!  Even though it has not yet occurred, I know it will!  And this knowledge gives me purpose and perspective.

Sometimes we need a reminder of why we are here. WE ARE ISRAEL and are here to gather our brothers and sisters and prepare them, with us, for the second coming of the Holy One of Israel. (And understand that our own personal second coming may be tomorrow.)

When we look at the big picture, we can see how short the history of the world really is!  So, what is our part in it?  Why were we saved to be born today? What is our mission?

I believe we have been born today to be instruments for the Lord!

His mouth.

His hands.

His servants for our brothers and sisters who have not yet come to know Him.

As a wise friend of mine once said, there is no time to entertain evil. There is no time to procrastinate our repentance. The time to fill our purpose is now!  We have been placed in the paths of specific people at specific times, for specific reasons.  The Lord is counting on us!  He does not want to lose ANY of His children and so He needs our hands to reach them – and our mouths to teach them.

The time for member missionary work has never been more urgent. There has been a recent wave of missionary talks, missionary firesides, missionary broadcasts, missionary announcements, missionary changes, missionary updates, missionary books and music and discussions….because THE TIME FOR A SURGE IN MISSIONARY WORK IS NOW.

IT IS TIME FOR US TO BE MISSIONARIES FOR THE LORD!  The missionaries we were born to be. Our brothers and sisters need us! Our Father in Heaven, who blesses us daily, needs us!

Let us get up!

Let us get out!

Let us get going!


It is the Saturday Night of Time.

What are your thoughts?

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