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I LOVE POPCORN!  Bathe it in butter and smother it in salt and I am ONE HAPPY CAMPER!! Then! If I’m lucky enough to alternate bites of the salted, greasy deliciousness with some peanut M&Ms – I’ve died and gone to heaven! (And let me tell you… my popcorn is truly coated in salt! My tongue is absolutely raw for days afterward!) Ahhh! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!!!

But wait – it gets better!

What I look forward to on those rare evenings when my chores are done and the kids and hubby are taken care of, is to go into a room, as dark as possible, all by myself – with my popcorn. I get comfortable with a cozy blanket, put my feet up, set my HUGE bowl of popcorn in the crook of my left arm, and my glass of ice water just within reach of my right hand – then – I settle in for a GOOD MOVIE!

I have a feeling some of you can relate to this!

BUT!  Here’s the kicker. When I’m all good and settled in, trying not to shove the popcorn into my mouth in embarrassing amounts before the movie even starts, with my clicker in my free hand, I peruse the plethora of channels to see which amazing show I should watch first!  I see one that looks good! So I give it a go!  But NO!  It takes only a few minutes before my ears to start bleeding from the language. NEXT!  I tune into my second choice, and just as it is GETTING GOOD….there is a crude love scene! NO!!! I really wanted to see the end of this one!!! RATS! Now my popcorn and M&Ms are as good as gone.  I try a few more movies, but no luck. The evening was a bust!

Has this ever happened to you?

Well have I got a TREAT for you! I recently found a guilt free, calorie free, fat free series that will not only leave you in tears (good tears!  GREAT tears! Trust me, you’ll LOVE these tears!) but it will also leave you eager to find out what happens in the next episode!  Don’t you love shows that continue from one episode to the next?  It’s like a REALLY long book that you don’t have to worry about getting through too quickly!   Believe it or not, this series is a reality show and the people are almost entirely LDS, and the content is more relevant than you might imagine!

Do you want to know what the name of the series is and where you can find it?

the district

Go to:

Under: Series

Click on: The District

Scroll to:  Episode 1

This isn’t your typical reality show, it follows 8 missionaries in the California, San Diego mission.  The cameras capture all the aspects of missionary life….and even goes into the homes of investigators and records what happens as they are being taught the truths of the restored Church!  Grab the tissues, folks! I told you, these are going to be GOOD tears! (Well, actually, there are some parts where you shed not-so-happy tears too.  Just trust me and grab the tissues!)

So – go ahead! Get that popcorn all drenched in butter and salt! Grab whatever else sweet treat makes you happy!  Grab those tissues!  Grab your comfy blanket!  Then, get cozy and turn off the light!

But don’t grab your clicker.  Grab your computer, tablet, or even your phone – and watch…..the District.

Watch it!

Enjoy it!

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