President Monson – I Sustain You.


I like to keep a pen and paper close by when I’m watching General Conference, to jot down notes that come to mind. Sometimes when a message means a lot to me, I draw a smiley face, or heart next to it.

I have never drawn a face with a frown and tears descending….until today when President Uchtdorf stood and invited us to sustain the General Authorities of the Church.

When I heard the dissenting votes being yelled out during General Conference, my heart sank and my eyes began to well up. I had heard that this could happen and was actually expecting it, but I was unprepared for the feelings that arose when it did.

I wanted to raise my hand even higher! I wanted to stand when I raised it! I wanted to shout “YES!” I wanted the world to know I sustained the prophet. And especially, I wanted the prophet to know I sustained the prophet.

Right after the dissent occurred, a friend texted me and asked what, if anything, we could do to rally around our beloved prophet, to “circle the wagons” as she put it, to let the prophet know we love and sustain him. We wondered if we should send him a million paper hands in the mail! We contemplated starting a Facebook event to invite others to join us in a worldwide effort to show our love and support for the prophet of God!

Then, I thought….What would the prophet want?

I think he would not want a million paper hands, or a contest of opinions, as much as he would want a million single, living, breathing, committed hearts to His King and ours – Jesus Christ.

So, to sustain my prophet, whom I love dearly, I will do something to show my support. I will defend him. I will share his words. I will do what I have been counseled to do during this conference and all the others.  Then, slowly, I will begin to become something better. I will not just say I will do something, or intend to be better, or raise my hand without thought. I will commit to KEEP TRYING, until I become more like my Savior. I think that’s what he would want, and what the Lord would want.


I will listen for the music of the Spirit, which will bring more meaning to my daily dance.

I will hush my own fears.

I will fast for the poor.

I will be a better wife and mother by praising, expressing my love, and apologizing more.

I will focus on my Savior during the sacrament and not whisper or allow myself to become distracted.

I will savor, love and focus on the things of God more than the things of man.

I will actively decide to believe Christ, not just wish it to be.

I will focus on things that are essential. My family.

I will not parent by compulsion.

I will be humble, like Shiblon.

I will remember that compared to God, I’m not really that different from whom I’m judging harshly.

I will remember that my husband and I are equal partners.

….And if (when) I fail at any of the above…..


So, President Monson, because I love and sustain you, I will support you by doing. I will sustain you by trying. I will honor you by slowly but steadily becoming.

I love you President Monson.

And to show my love…

I will follow Jesus Christ.


And to show my love for my Master, Jesus Christ,

I will follow and sustain His prophet,

Thomas S. Monson.

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