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Yesterday I had the chance to practice a “skill” I learned from a woman many years ago. It’s so easy to learn and remember, and so effective in sharing the gospel! I have named it, “Just one more question!”

Often we, as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, find ourselves the receivers of religious questions. People are curious about the Mormon faith! Sometimes they muster the courage to ask us a question, to which we typically delightfully respond! But then – we stop! Once we answer the question, we end the conversation!

That is the situation my insightful friend was describing when she taught me “the skill”. She explained that often our inquisitive acquaintances don’t want these religious conversations to stop. They just don’t feel comfortable asking question after question! So, she taught me to ALWAYS ask JUST ONE MORE QUESTION whenever the opportunity arises.  Then, the conversation and learning can continue as long as both parties desire!

For instance….if my friend asked me, “So, you’re a Mormon?” Instead of saying, “Yes!” and have the conversation end there, I could ask JUST ONE MORE QUESTION, and say, “Yes! Why do you ask?” This allows the flow of questions and answers to continue!

Another example would be if a friend asked me, “I heard Mormons aren’t Christians. Is that true?” Instead of saying, “No! We are definitely Christian!” …. and then stop, I can always follow up with JUST ONE MORE QUESTION! I could say, “We are Christian because Jesus Christ is the foundation of our religion and our lives. Do you also believe Jesus Christ is our Savior?” This invites testimonies to be shared and thoughtful discussion to continue!

Yesterday, I was not asked a question, but was offered a statement. However, the same principle, or “skill” still applies, for often these statements are made with the intention to find out more! An acquaintance told me, “I am not a Mormon, but maybe I will be someday!” Upon remembering the skill my friend taught me, I replied with JUST ONE MORE QUESTION. I said, “Well isn’t that wonderful?! Is there something you have always wondered about the LDS church?” By asking her this question, she was invited to contemplate issues she did not fully understand, knowing I would be pleased to answer them!

I am so grateful for this newly acquired conversation skill! It is such a simple, effective way to help others find out more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! Now, whenever the topic of the church is brought up, I know to always ask JUST ONE MORE QUESTION!

Any questions?

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