Many of us desire to help in the great missionary effort now underway, but we may be hesitant, shy or unsure of how to do so.

Some of us have a strong desire to go on a full-time mission, but are unable to at this time.

May we be reminded of one option:


I would like to offer 2 suggestions for doing so.

First, in the April 2013 General Conference, President Monson said the following:

“To help maintain this missionary force, and because many of our missionaries come from modest circumstances, we invite you, as you are able, to contribute generously to the General Missionary Fund of the Church.”

My friends, we have just been invited by a prophet of God to monetarily support the missionaries of the Lord. I KNOW WE WILL BE BLESSED for responding to this invitation!  To do so, simply place  your contribution in a tithing envelope, mark “General Missionary Fund” and give it to a member of your bishopric.  In my experience, this offering, as with all offerings, is followed by peace and joy that come from sacrificing for the Lord and HIS work!

Second, Facebook.

Did you know you can create a campaign – or your own ad, which will point people directly to the church, when they click on it?  Yes!  It’s SO easy!  It only takes a couple of minutes to set up and you can determine how much you want to spend.

Here’s how it works:

  1. On your Facebook Home page, in the left side bar under Pages, click on: Create Ad.
  2. Choose your destination URL.  (Such as “Mormon.org”)
  3. Choose your Headline.  (Such as “What do Mormons believe?”)
  4. Choose your Text. (Such as “Find out for yourself what Mormons believe!  Finally – the answers to all your questions.”)
  5. Scroll down to, “Choose Your Audience” and choose the demographics you desire to see your ad. (Such as “Anyone in the United States ages 13 and up”)
  6. Scroll down to, “Campaign, Pricing and Schedule” and enter your budget details. (Such as a $25 lifetime budget.) (The dates your campaign will run and the optimization options will be chosen for you unless you’d like to change them.) (I choose to not run a news feed ad, which is an option, so the ad does not come directly from a FB page.)
  7. Place your order.
  8. Watch and smile as people click on your ad throughout the life of your campaign – knowing they are getting their answers about the Mormon church – from the right source!
  9. That’s it!  You have sent your dollars on a mission!

The field is white!

They just need to be gathered!

They don’t know where to find the truth!

Let’s fix that!!!

Some examples of my previous ads:

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Photo courtesy of www.friedmaniverson.com

What are your thoughts?

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