Today I decided to wear my BYU t-shirt to the park.  Who knows? Maybe it could be a conversation starter? But, what was my surprise, when a father of 6 came into the park with a similar shirt on!  (Perhaps he had the same idea!) :)

Even though we didn’t know each other, when we saw each other’s shirts – we gave each other a small grin.

Then, I thought of a possible


Which would go something like this:

We see each other in the park, with our BYU shirts, and give each other a knowing smile.

We give each other the look that says,

“Let’s do this!”

He comes over to the swings where I am and our conversation goes something like this (in earshot of many listeners):

  • Dad: Nice weather we’re having huh?
  • Me: Yeah – beautiful!
  • Dad:  It reminds me of the weather in Utah during April General Conference!
  • Me: Yes! However, any weather seems better and brighter during General Conference!
  • Dad: Isn’t that true?!  In fact, hearing the prophet of the Lord speak brightens my whole mood!
  • Me:  I know what you mean!  Isn’t it wonderful that we actually have a living prophet to teach us? And – that if you can’t be in Utah when he speaks, you can watch the General Conference of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints right on the internet?
  • Dad: Yes! What’s the website again? Was it LDS.ORG?
  • Me: Yes! LDS.ORG is where you can find anything and everything – about the Mormons! Or, you can also go to MORMON.ORG, that’s easy to remember!
  • Dad: That’s right….by the way, I’m Sam!
  • Me:  Oh, nice to meet you, Sam! I’m April. Funny how we were talking like friends without even having met before! I guess being members of the MORMON church just makes you feel like family!
  • Dad:  It sure does! If you know someone else is a Mormon too – it seems like you automatically have an instant friend!  In fact, how would you and your family like to join us for Family Home Evening next week? We will be having a fun lesson about the Book of Mormon!
  • Me:  We’d love to join you!  Thank you!  Since the Book of Mormon is by far the best book ever published….it should be an amazing lesson!
  • Dad:  Well, I don’t know if the lesson will be amazing, but the book sure is! And the Spirit of God will surely be there, just like it is every Sunday in church!  Say, where is the nearest church around here anyway, and when do they meet?
  • Me: It’s right there, just across the park!  You can come on Sundays at 9am or at 11am!   We love newcomers and I’m sure you, and anyone else who would like to come, would feel welcome!……

….and so the PERFECT conversation continues until everyone around us knows who we are, what we believe, and how they can learn more about Christ’s true church! :)


That was the perfect scenario.

Here’s how the real thing went:

He comes over to the swings where I am and our conversation went something like this (in earshot of many listeners):

  • Me:  I like your shirt!
  • Dad:  Yeah, I saw yours too when I came in!
  • Me:  Did you go to BYU?
  • Dad:  Yeah, and my daughter going there this fall.
  • Me:  Oh that’s great! My son just finished his first year! I didn’t go, but I’m hoping that since my son did, that still gives me license to wear the shirt! :)
  • Dad:  Do you live around here?
  • Me: Yeah. You?
  • Dad:  No, we’re from Utah and just visiting.  But we used to live here. Do you know the _____ family?
  • Me:  Yeah! I have worked with them in Relief Society and in Primary!
  • Dad:  Cool.
  • Me:  Yeah.

And that was about it!


FAR FROM the perfect scenario!

But now that I’ve run through “what could have been” in my mind, I’ll try again next time!

If by chance…..

2 cougars ever meet again in the park!

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