Some unusual things happened today.

  1. I had some extra time. I never have extra time.
  2. I had the thought to go to the park with that time. I NEVER go to the park.
  3. I brought my ipad (recently equipped with 3G) to the park for reasons I did not know.

I recognized that the thought to go to the park, was a prompting, partly because it was so unusual.  I decided to take the box I had made last week which says, “Free Book of Mormon! Take One!” to set out near the playground.


Though I was eager to perhaps be on the Lord’s errand, I was scared too.  When I pulled into the park’s parking lot, I felt my courage waning and I said a prayer. I prayed that myfaith may be strengthened, that I would be blessed with and exercise courage, that the timing for whatever the Lord had in mind may be precise, and that those who were curious about the gospel would be blessed with the message of the Book of Mormon.

I then grabbed the box, a drink, my ipad and materials for a talk I need to work on for next Sunday, and headed toward the park.

I went to a picnic table and set everything down. I looked at the playground area and there was a grandmother with some grandchildren playing. I wondered when I should place the box over there. I wanted to go when no one was looking, place the box, then make my way back to the table and watch what happened. (I put my testimony, name and email address inside each book.)

The grandmother took the kids to the bathroom – and I made a dash for it!  I took the box to the edge of the playground and set it there, took a quick picture, and dashed back.

FreeBOM1I then set all my materials out on the picnic table and began to take a few notes.  Not 3 minutes went by, when someone began to walk toward me, whom I began to recognize.

Soon, I realized that the person walking in my direction was  a woman I had seen in church the past several weeks. She often sits behind our family and so I have had the chance to get to know her a little bit, and like her quite a lot. When she came near I got up and went to her and expressed my delight at seeing her there! We shared a brief hug and sat down together.

This sweet woman, is not a member of the church.

She immediately opened up about some things she was curious about regarding  some doctrines of the church, and we ended up having a sweet and beautiful discussion about the gospel for the next hour and a half.  She had many questions and I was delighted to have some answers, and a few opportunities to share my testimony with her.  The Holy Spirit was present and she and I both choked back tears more than once as we discussed the truths of the gospel. We parted with another hug – a much more meaningful one this time.

What a welcome, unexpected miracle.

I am so incredibly grateful for answered prayers in unexpected ways.

I desired to have the opportunity to share the message of the Book of Mormon with someone who was curious and wanted to learn more.  Though I didn’t see anyone take a Book of Mormon from the box, I was able to offer my testimony of its message from my own mouth, into the ears of a ready and eager listener.

Oh, and the ipad?  There was a time in our conversation when I desperately wanted to share with her Elder Holland’s testimony of the Book of Mormon (Mormon Message).  The ipad was there (and ready to connect to the internet with the 3G coverage it just received a few days ago).  We watched Elder Holland’s beautiful testimony and felt the Spirit in abundance, there – in the middle of a park.

My friends, the Lord truly guides His work, and if we offer Him willing hands and an open mouth, He will fill them.

Of this I can bear testimony.

I decided to leave the box with Book of Mormons at the park a while longer.

Perhaps I will go check it tomorrow…

in the hopes it will be empty.

Elder Holland’s Testimony of the Book of Mormon


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