Do You Happen Know Anyone Who Kind of Likes Christmas?


If I were a gambling girl, I’d bet everyone reading this post knows someone who loves Christmas!

Are you thinking of someone?


If that certain someone were anything like this Christmas-loving girl, then they would love the Christmas carols! The food! The parties! The Spirit of giving! The church services! They would also love the mention of Jesus Christ in social media, gatherings, messages, movies, music and more!

Am I right?



If that certain someone also happens to be of a different faith –

then, my friend,  

you have the winning ticket!!!

(If not, keep thinking! I bet you can think of someone!)

If your ‘Christmas-loving-friend-of-a-different-faith’ likes all things Christmas, and also, oh I don’t know, YOU, then it would make perfect sense that they would love those wonderful, Christmasy things even more with YOU in them!



I’m sure you’ll agree that this the absolute perfect time to invite your friend to sing Christmas carols with you at family home evening! Or to a ward Christmas party! Or a Relief Society Christmas dinner! Or best yet – our Church service on Christmas Sunday!


Let’s not let this season go by without including our friends of all faiths in everything shareable this Christmas!

For there is so much to share.

The message of Christ, His Spirit, His gospel, His Atonement

is the most priceless gift.


It is, most definitely,

worth sharing.

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