DID YOU KNOW THIS ABOUT LDS.ORG? Part 2 – Especially for Non-Mormons!

The deeper I dig into the vast lds.org website, the more hidden treasures I discover! It would take me many, MANY posts to expound upon them all. For now, I would like to make sure EVERYONE (within my small sphere) is aware of ONE in particular the Introduction to Mormons video collection!

Please go to www.lds.org. Under “Resources” and then under “General”, select “Video, Audio and Images”. Choose “Video”, then select the “Missionary” category. In this section you will discover the Introduction to Mormons video series!

Here, my friends, prepare to be delighted as you peruse the videos created especially for our non-member friends!

These videos were designed to shed light on the Mormon faith and culture. They provide a glimpse into our religion and answer many questions which non-members typically have. They provide a way for our inquisitive friends to relax in the comfort of their own home and watch these short, inspired clips on their own timetable. What a WONDERFUL resource to provide for our friends who might wonder!

In this video series you will find the following topics: (Click to watch.)

If you have friends or family who are interested in watching quality, truthful videos about Mormonism – lead them to the source! LDS.org and Mormon.org are official church websites and are both rich with resources – especially for them!

These video clips are also perfect for sharing via social media! By simply posting a video, such as “The Church at a Glance”, many of our non-member friends may watch, and learn a little more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

There are far too many websites, blogs and videos on the internet which contain misinformation and can lead others astray. It is our responsibility to share the TRUTH! These videos are an excellent way to do so!

Please also remember the website Mormon.org, which was created especially for our non-member friends! There they can find answers to frequently asked questions, peruse thousands of “I am a Mormon” profiles, and even chat live with a missionary!

My friends, I believe technology was designed largely for the intent to further the work of the Lord in the latter-days. It is my desire that we take advantage of these wonderful, simple, inspired tools – and use them to HASTEN the work of salvation!

(Photos courtesy of lds.org/media-library)


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