Let me just begin by saying, “I love Baskin Robbins!”

“31 Flavors? Don’t mind if I do! One of each please!”

What if there were even more than 31 choices? What if there were 41? 51? Or 61 choices??? Would you feel confident you could find ONE flavor to suit you?

I am confident, for this week’s member missionary challenge, that from the following


we can each find 1 that will suit us! Who knows? Maybe we will find 10! (That would be equivalent to a 10 scoop ice cream cone! How awesome is that?!)

So let’s dig in!

Let’s scoop up some of these ideas!

Let’s feast on the goodness of sharing the gospel!

Let’s hasten the work of salvation!

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 81 Wonderful Choices!……

  • Bear your testimony to your family.
  • Read the book, “The Power of Everyday Missionaries”, by Clay Christensen.
  • Watch who the missionaries sit next to each Sunday, then help the newcomers feel welcome.
  • Pray for new areas to be opened up for missionary work.
  • If the phone rings during Family Home Evening – invite them over!
  • Add your “I’m a Mormon” profile to the many listed at
  • Contribute to the General Missionary Fund of the church.
  • Post Mormon Messages, your testimony, or other inspirational thoughts on Facebook.
  • Become FB friends with the missionaries and general authorities of the church.
  • Discuss your Sunday worship experiences with your friends and coworkers, then invite them to “Come and see!”
  • Invite the missionaries to teach an investigator in your home.
  • Prayerfully choose a deadline to invite someone you know to hear the message of the restoration.
  • Leave a pass-along card or an “I’m a Mormon” card with your tip at restaurants.
  • Create a gospel-sharing blog and invite others to read it.
  • Keep a Book of Mormon, Ensign or other church material where others may see it and inquire.
  • Consistently add new people to your “real” friends list. Let them see how the gospel can bless families.
  • Offer the Book of Mormon as a way to sleep better.
  • Prayerfully study ‘Preach My Gospel’ and the scriptures. (You are a missionary too!)
  • Place baptism invitations in with your 8-year old’s birthday party invitations.
  • Keep your ward stocked with copies of the Book of Mormon for member missionary work.
  • Invite others to join your ward choir, basketball team, or other activities.
  • Invite others to join you in service projects.
  • Pray and read the scriptures as a family – even (especially) when their friends are there.
  • Use “church words” in your everyday conversations. (Make it a point to let everyone who knows you – know you are a Mormon.)
  • Lovingly seek out those on your visiting or home teaching routes who need you.
  • Let those who are in your classes at church, but are not currently attending, know they are missed and wanted!
  • Share the new “Introduction to Mormons” videos now on, on your social media networks or privately.
  • Watch the videos on the website, “Hastening the Work of Salvation”, on becoming a better member missionary.
  • Invite a friend over for Family Home Evening.
  • Read your Relief Society, Priesthood or Sunday School lesson, or the Ensign, on your break at work.
  • Invite the missionaries over for dinner, then ask them who they are teaching and how you can help. Give them referrals when they ask.
  • Tell your friends when you are asked to give a talk or lesson in church. Ask them to come and give you “moral support”.
  • Offer to accompany friends on church building open house guided tours.
  • Download the new “Yes! I’m a Mormon!” Facebook app.
  • Make a prayer list with the missionaries.
  • Invite friends to use your stake’s family history center.
  • Give the DVD, “Lamb of God” to friends and neighbors for Easter.
  • Host a picnic on the temple grounds.
  • Create a Facebook ad that directs people to
  • Go with the missionaries on splits.
  • Put a picture of Christ in your home where it is easily seen by those who come to your door.
  • Always have a Book of Mormon close by.
  • Be a good neighbor.
  • Talk about your children’s church experiences often (missions, seminary, primary, BYU).
  • Ask a friend about their beliefs.
  • When someone asks, “Are you a Mormon?” Reply with another question, “Yes! Why do you ask?”
  • When engaging people in conversations about the gospel, always ask just one more question, instead of ending the conversation. They are often very curious and want to find out more. Questions are a good lead in.
  • Ask someone if they’ve seen a Mormon temple.
  • Listen to church music when others are around.
  • Talk about a feeling you had at church.
  • Give a friend a gift including all your favorite things…especially your favorite book (The Book of Mormon.)
  • Buy someone a church magazine subscription.
  • Develop a family mission plan.
  • Fast for missionary experiences and then actively seek them out.
  • Share a comforting scripture from the Book of Mormon with a troubled friend.
  • Keep your local libraries and thrift stores well stocked with copies of the Book of Mormon.
  • Read your Book of Mormon in  a public place.
  • Share special passages from the letters of your missionary, with your acquaintances.
  • Ask for help in planning or setting up an upcoming church activity.
  • Ask a friend to listen to you give a “practice run” of a talk or lesson you will be giving.
  • Invite someone with a particular expertise to participate in a ward or stake activity.
  • Share special experiences you have had with family history research.
  • Say a prayer with a friend in need.
  • Share your favorite scripture with a friend.
  • Invite the missionaries to your social events and parties.
  • Attend the Gospel Essential class and bear your testimony of the truthfulness of the doctrine.
  • Invite the missionaries and their investigators over for General Conference.
  • Ask the missionaries to teach a lesson on member missionary work in your Family Home Evening.
  • Invite newly moved-in  neighbors to attend church with your family.
  • Give the DVD, “Joy to the World” to your neighbors and friends at Christmas.
  • Inform friends of the church’s cable channel and internet music channel.
  • Invite friends to watch the Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast at your home on Sunday mornings.
  • Invite friends over for General Conference and lunch.
  • Send an electronic greeting card from with an acquaintance.
  • Include “lds.or” or “” in your email signature line.
  • Recommend good blogs, written by lds members, to your friends.
  • Share your knowledge of provident living and self-reliance and direct your friends to to learn more.
  • Invite your friends to join with you in your humanitarian efforts and donations.
  • Invite people to hear your children speak or sing in sacrament meeting.
  • Invite people to your child’s baby blessing or baptism.
  • Ask a friend if they would go visiting or home teaching with you.
  • Get to know the recent converts in your ward. Become their friends.



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